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Viral Video: School kids miss overcrowded bus, netizens demand special conveyance | WATCH

A video is going viral on social media that shows school kids missing a local bus due to overcrowding. Netizens shared their views on the clip saying separate conveyance facilities must be provided for school children.

Devasheesh Pandey Written By: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: September 15, 2022 16:47 IST
school kids try to catch bus
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/ VIRALBHAYANI Viral video of school kids catching bus

A viral video is being circulated widely online that shows the plight of school-going children. In the short clip, some school kids are seen trying to catch a local bus to reach their school on time. Some children manage to catch the bus but are seen hanging out of it while others miss it due to overcrowding. This has not only shown how overcrowding in public transport can be dangerous, at times fatal but the difficult situation that school kids face on a day-to-day basis. A double whammy of sorts, whether to reach school on time or face punishment. 

School kids get late due to overcrowding 

The sight of overcrowded buses is common in India. In cities, the working class, school kids and people from all walks of life use public transport for everyday travel. However, the problem of overcrowding has not seen a solution despite intervention. A new video has put the spotlight back on public transport and how it needs immediate government intervention. In the clip, some school kids miss the bus since it's overcrowded. Others who managed to catch the ride, were seen hanging out in a precarious situation. 

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Netizens react to the video of overcrowded bus 

The video of school kids missing the overcrowded bus has been circulating widely with many netizens reacting strongly to it. Commenting on the video, one of the netizens said, "When u can't afford heavy school bus fees, what's the other option u have (sic)?" Another one commented, "Government ka sara role hai isme aur struggle middle class ko karna padta hai (sic)." A third social media user said, "We need more separate buses for school kids (sic)."

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