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Swiggy customer orders sanitary napkins and receives unexpected surprise; company replies

When a woman ordered sanitary napkins from Swiggy Instamart, she got a lovely surprise. Take a look.

Edited By: India TV Trending Desk New Delhi Published on: January 27, 2023 16:23 IST
Swiggy customer orders sanitary napkins
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/SWIGGYDELIVERYPERSONS Swiggy customer orders sanitary napkins

Every month during the menstrual cycle, women experience period cramps. The pain that every woman has to go through takes them on a rollercoaster of emotions. Cravings, being in a bad mood, or just being lethargic are just a few things one could experience during this time. However, that time of the month turned different for a woman when she received quite a sweet surprise from Swiggy Instamart when she ordered some sanitary napkins. She was over the moon, without a question.

The Twitter user named Sameera took to the microblogging site to share the incident. She wrote, "I ordered sanitary pads from @SwiggyInstamart and found a bunch of chocolate cookies at the bottom of the bag. Pretty thoughtful! But not sure who did it, swiggy or the shopkeeper?" 

Several people reacted to her post and hailed the company for such a gesture. One user wrote, "Good, a comforting gesture at right time." Another user commented, " It's lovely! Most of the times I too get surprises from instamart orders." A third user wrote, "No matter who, that’s a nice gesture." 

Swiggy took no time and replied to Sameera's post, writing, "We just want you to have a pleasant day ahead, Sameera." 

In another incident, a burqa-clad woman named Rizwana recently became a social media sensation. The woman delivers disposable goods in a Swiggy delivery bag on foot. The woman, who comes from a poor family, lives in a one-room house in the Janata Nagri Colony in Lucknow. The woman doesn't work for Swiggy, the online food delivery chain. However, she simply bought the bag, with the brand's name, for delivering disposable goods. 

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The woman said that her bag was torn, due to which she decided to purchase the Swiggy bag. "I sell disposable cutlery, visiting door-to-door and local shops. I used to carry the items in a bag, which got damaged. Then I purchased this 'Swiggy' bag for ₹ 50." Her husband, who used to drive a rickshaw, left her three years ago. Rizwana is a mother of four and had her eldest daughter married two years ago. Rizwana also has the responsibility of earning a living for herself and her three other children. Her story captured the hearts of people. 

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