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IRCTC responds after serving yellow paper inside samosa; netizens react with witty jabs

A man travelling from Mumbai to Lucknow finds yellow paper stuffed inside a samosa served by IRCTC. Check out.

Akshat Sundrani Written By: Akshat Sundrani New Delhi Published on: October 10, 2022 20:48 IST
IRCTC apologises after serving paper inside samosa
Image Source : TWITTER/ AJI KUMAR IRCTC apologises after serving paper inside samosa

In a country like India, people travelling by train are always sceptical about purchasing food in trains due to previous incidents in which food consumption resulted in food poisoning and other problems. However, everyone was relieved when IRCTC founded their own pantry. In a peculiar incident, a man eating an IRCTC-provided samosa on a train discovered a piece of paper inside it. The incident went viral after the man posted about it on Twitter.

A passenger on a Mumbai to Lucknow train discovered a yellow piece of paper inside the samosa that the IRCTC pantry had provided for him. He posted pictures of it, and a piece of yellow paper can be seen inside the food dish. It appears to be a piece of a wrapper that may have been accidentally mixed with the dough as the snack was being made. Along with the picture, the man wrote a caption explaining the incident. He wrote, "This Samosa served IRCTC pantry provided in Train No. 20921 Bandra bound Lucknow weekly exp. started on 8-10-22..i bought it 9-10-22 morning around 10:15 AM.... I salute IRCTC for the foods serving to the passengers."

As soon as his tweet went viral, people flocked to the comment section to react to it. One user wrote, "It's gutkha paper eaten by cook and flavoured with samosa. Enjoy new Gutka samosa. IRCTC is great in handling this situation please now privatise rail also as govt cannot handle basic cooking and hygiene. Govt is useless as it's only work is to collect money not utilise it properly." Another user wrote, "Bhai sab yrh yellow paper nahi.. Gukta ka wrapper lag raha hai." A third user commented, "IRCTC is trying to introduce their own fortune cookies with Indian twist." 

IRCTC was also quick to respond to the incident. They commented on the post, saying , "Sir, kindly share pnr and mobile no in DM."

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While a few people pointed out the negligence of the IRCTC, some took hilarious jabs at the incident. However, the incident reflects the reality of how minor errors in food preparation in railways can result in a threat to the lives of passengers.

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