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  4. IAS Tina Dabi gets blessings of 'baby boy' from Pak Hindu migrants, says no difference in son & daughter

IAS Tina Dabi gets blessings of 'baby boy' from Pak Hindu migrants, says no difference in son & daughter

With the granting of land, the displaced Hindu families now look towards a brighter future. They express their gratitude and shower blessings upon IAS Tina Dabi, wishing her to have a boy. In response, Tina Dabi emphasizes her belief in equality, stating that she values both sons and daughters equal

Written By: Kritika Bansal New Delhi Updated on: May 26, 2023 13:16 IST
IAS Tina Dabi meets Pakistani Hindu migrants
Image Source : TWITTER IAS Tina Dabi meets Pakistani Hindu migrants

Trending News: In a heartening development, displaced Hindu families in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, have found renewed hope and happiness. They have been granted land to build their houses, bringing an end to their distress. The women expressed their joy and blessings towards the District Collector, Tina Dabi, who has played a pivotal role in this resolution. IAS Tina Dabi, in response, emphasized her belief in gender equality, stating that she does not differentiate between sons and daughters.

The recent issue involved Hindu immigrants from Pakistan residing in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan. After facing eviction from government land in the Amarsagar neighbourhood, hundreds of Hindu refugees from Pakistan found themselves in a challenging situation. However, the Jaisalmer district administration has now stepped forward to address their plight. They have announced the allocation of approximately 40 bighas of land in Moolsagar, located about 5 kilometres away from the district headquarters.

The announcement, made by Jaisalmer District Collector Tina Dabi, has brought a sense of relief and calmness to the migrants. The protests that erupted on May 17, triggered by the demolition of tent houses in the Amarsagar neighborhood as part of an anti-encroachment drive, have now subsided.

Tina Dabi, addressing the reporters, revealed that the assigned land will be reserved for individuals who are still classified as Pakistani migrants. However, the actual distribution of the land will only take place after they acquire Indian citizenship. The allotted land, spanning Khasra no. 72 and 73, offers a new ray of hope for these displaced families.

Furthermore, the district administration has made arrangements for temporary housing in a government-run shelter called 'Ren Basera' until the land distribution process is completed. This accommodation, located near the Bhil Basti, which is a rehabilitated area for Pakistani migrants, ensures access to essential amenities such as water and electricity.


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