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  • jindal jumps into letter war with obama over iran

    Jindal jumps into letter war with Obama over Iran

    World | March 11, 2015 10:53 IST

    Washington: Louisiana's Indian-American governor Bobby Jindal has jumped into a war of words between the White House and Senate Republicans over a letter to the government of Iran on a potential deal over its nuclear

  • us republicans starting to strut their stuff for 2016

    US: Republicans starting to strut their stuff for 2016

    World | November 29, 2014 10:20 IST

    Boca Raton (US): A half-dozen potential Republican presidential contenders spent last week peacocking across the sprawling grounds of Florida luxury resort, schmoozing with donors and sizing up the competition in the party's most fractured field

  • new mom chelsea clinton celebrates baby daughter

    New mom Chelsea Clinton celebrates baby daughter

    World | September 28, 2014 7:54 IST

    Washington: Former President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton say they are “blessed, grateful, and so happy” to become grandparents.Their daughter, Chelsea, gave birth Friday night to her first child, Charlotte.Chelsea

  • clinton joins other dems in backing gay marriage

    Clinton joins other Dems in backing gay marriage

    Politics | March 19, 2013 14:50 IST

    Washington, Mar 19: Hillary Rodham Clinton's embrace of gay marriage Monday signals she may be seriously weighing a 2016 presidential run and trying to avoid the type of late-to-the-party caution that hurt her first bid.Her

  • hillary clinton hospitalised after blood clot

    Hillary Clinton hospitalised after blood clot

    World | December 31, 2012 15:20 IST

    Washington, Dec 31: US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was hospitalised Sunday after doctors found a blood clot during a follow-up exam related to a concussion which she suffered earlier this month, CNN reported.The 65-year-old

  • clinton in afghanistan for talks with karzai

    Clinton in Afghanistan for talks with Karzai

    World | July 07, 2012 10:20 IST

    Kabul, Afghanistan, Jul 7: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton has arrived in Kabul on an unannounced visit to Afghanistan. Clinton will meet Saturday morning with Afghan President Hamid Karzai to discuss U.S.-Afghan civilian and defense

  • hillary clinton appeals to friends of democratic syria to

    Hillary Clinton Appeals To Friends Of Democratic Syria To Fight Assad Regime

    World | February 05, 2012 22:45 IST

    Sofia, Bulgaria, Feb 5: US secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton is calling for "friends of democratic Syria" to unite and rally against President Bashar Assad's regime. Speaking on Sunday in the Bulgarian capital Sofia,

  • clinton us economic policy must look to asia

    Clinton : US Economic Policy Must Look To Asia

    World | October 14, 2011 7:27 IST

    New York, Oct 14: It's time for the United States to look East and make sure economic concerns drive foreign policy, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton will tell U.S. business leaders Friday.Concerns about the

  • clinton afghans won t give up on taliban deal

    Clinton : Afghans Won't Give Up On Taliban Deal

    World | October 12, 2011 7:24 IST

    Washington, Oct 12: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton says Afghanistan's government will continue to try to draw the Taliban insurgency to peace talks.Afghan President Hamid Karzai had said over the weekend that he is