Monday, May 20, 2024
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  • Feeling blue

    Feeling blue? 5 ways to be kind to yourself

    Lifestyle | February 21, 2024 12:07 IST

    Discover 5 simple yet effective ways to practice self-compassion and lift your spirits when feeling down. Explore strategies to be kinder to yourself and cultivate emotional well-being.

  • 6 effective ways to shut out jealousy

    6 effective ways to shut out jealousy

    People | February 01, 2022 18:12 IST

    Jealousy can fuel negative thought process and can damage your self-esteem. Learn how to channel your emotions and if you are overcome with jealousy, practice in the moment techniques like breathing or removing yourself from that space.

  • Hug

    Feelings have a lot to do with how you hug others

    People | January 25, 2018 16:15 IST

    The study also demonstrated that the embrace can be based on the participant's handedness and footedness.

  • sadness lasts much longer than other feelings

    Sadness lasts much longer than other feelings

    Lifestyle | October 31, 2014 21:37 IST

    London: It's official. A sad feeling lasts longer than being ashamed, surprised, irritated or even bored.According to a study, sadness often goes hand-in-hand with events of greater impact such as death or accidents."You need more

  • rihanna reveals her feelings about chris brown

    Rihanna reveals her feelings about Chris Brown

    Hollywood | August 18, 2012 14:50 IST

    Barbados, Aug 18 : In a recent interview with TV host Oprah Winfrey, singer Rihanna said she lost her “best friend” following her traumatic break-up with Chris Brown.The two split after Brown admitted to assaulting