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    Ebola outbreak in Congo declared 'health emergency'

    World | July 18, 2019 7:10 IST

    The announcement was made on Wednesday following a meeting of the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee for Ebola virus disease in Congo, the fourth of its kind since the outbreak was declared on August 1, 2018, Xinhua reported.

  • WHO said $54 million is needed to stop the Ebola outbreak.

    Ugandan medics now tackling Ebola say they lack supplies

    World | June 15, 2019 17:46 IST

    While Ugandan authorities praise the health workers as “heroes” and say they are prepared to contain the virus, some workers disagree, wondering where the millions of dollars spent on preparing for Ebola have gone if a hospital on the front line lacks basic supplies.

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    Congo's Ebola outbreak now second largest in history: WHO

    World | November 30, 2018 6:28 IST

    Salama this month predicted that the outbreak in northeastern Congo will last at least another six months before it can be contained.

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    New vaccine developed to cure Ebola

    Lifestyle | June 21, 2017 17:23 IST

    There have been some recent clusters of Ebola cases in Africa and the fear is that the survivors may still spread the virus to uninfected people.

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    Ebola vaccine found safe, effective in human trials: WHO

    World | December 23, 2016 12:54 IST

    The World Health ​Organisation (WHO) today said that an experimental Ebola vaccine has been found to be 100 per cent affective against the deadly virus in a major human trial in Guinea.

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    Ebola virus may have mutated to better infect humans, claims study

    Lifestyle | November 08, 2016 10:19 IST

    Scientists who identified mutations in the Ebola virus that developed during the recent epidemic in West Africa say that the deadly virus may have adapted to better infect human cells. By the end of

  • Ebola infected momkey

    Scientists create two-antibody cocktail that cures Ebola-infected monkeys

    World | March 14, 2016 7:40 IST

    Washington:Scientists have created a two-antibody cocktail that was able to cure monkeys infected with the deadly Ebola virus, revealed a new study. The MIL77E cocktail was based on one of the most promising Ebola drugs,

  • ebola low cost portable device discovered for detecting

    Ebola: Low cost portable device discovered for detecting infection

    World | February 23, 2016 7:51 IST

    London: Researchers have developed a low-cost and portable diagnostic device that can be used to detect Ebola infection and many other diseases.The device could be particularly useful to monitor endemic, epidemic and pandemic disease outbreaks

  • who officially declares sierra leone ebola free

    WHO officially declares Sierra Leone Ebola-free

    World | November 07, 2015 14:47 IST

    London: Sierra Leone has been declared Ebola-free by the World Health Organisation (WHO) on Saturday, prompting nationwide celebrations, the media reported on Saturday.The capital Freetown was transformed into a giant carnival as crowds took to

  • eliminating ebola possible in near future world health

    Eliminating Ebola possible in near future: World Health Organisation

    World | August 05, 2015 6:49 IST

    Geneva:  World Health Organisation (WHO) Assistant Director General Bruce Aylward said here on Tuesday that the Ebola “response is definitely getting better”, adding that though many challenges remain, eliminating the deadly disease is possible in

  • un announces closure of emergency mission for ebola

    UN announces closure of emergency mission for Ebola

    World | August 01, 2015 6:09 IST

    United Nations: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has announced the closure of the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER), a media report said.The first-ever UN emergency health mission was established in September 2014 with its

  • north korea claims it has found cure for mers ebola sars

    North Korea Claims It Has Found Cure For MERS, Ebola, SARS And AIDS

    World | June 23, 2015 18:43 IST

    Seoul, South Korea (AP):  North Korea says it has succeeded where the greatest minds in science have failed.The authoritarian, impoverished nation better known for pursuing a nuclear program despite global criticism announced Friday it has

  • un chief warns of setbacks in tackling ebola

    UN chief warns of setbacks in tackling Ebola

    World | June 03, 2015 7:36 IST

     United Nations: UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has applauded the progress made in fighting Ebola and warned of possible setbacks in case of lapse in vigilance, media reported on Wednesday."We have made great strides towards bringing

  • global catastrophe plan needed after ebola crisis angela

    Global catastrophe plan needed after Ebola crisis: Angela Merkel

    World | May 18, 2015 18:09 IST

    Berlin:  The Ebola crisis in western Africa showed the world in a painful way that a global catastrophe plan is needed to deal with future epidemics, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday."The struggle (against Ebola)

  • drug target for ebola like viruses identified

    Drug target for Ebola-like viruses identified

    World | May 11, 2015 12:13 IST

    Ottawa: Researchers have identified the Achilles' heel of haemorrhagic fever viruses, targeting which can help combat the diseases that they cause.Viral hemorrhagic fevers (VHFs) refer to a group of illnesses caused by several distinct families

  • obama warns against ebola complacency despite major progress

    Obama warns against Ebola complacency despite 'major progress'

    World | April 16, 2015 10:08 IST

    Washington: Despite "major progress" in the fight against Ebola, US President Barack Obama has warned against complacency and said the goal now is to get to zero cases.Obama on Wednesday made the remarks at the

  • ebola still a global health emergency who

    Ebola still a global health emergency: WHO

    World | April 11, 2015 14:22 IST

    Geneva: The World Health Organization (WHO) on Friday said the ongoing Ebola outbreak continued to constitute a public health emergency of international concern despite the lowest number of newly confirmed cases reported last week in

  • new tool predicts ebola infection risk

    New tool predicts Ebola infection risk

    World | April 04, 2015 11:38 IST

    New York:  Using his experience of treating Ebola-infected patients in Liberia last year, a US doctor has developed a tool to predict whether suspected Ebola patients would actually carry the virus.The findings may help clinicians

  • who reiterates support towards defeating ebola

    WHO reiterates support towards defeating Ebola

    World | March 30, 2015 14:15 IST

    Addis Ababa: The World Health Organisation (WHO) has reiterated its continued support towards defeating the Ebola virus disease which has killed almost 10,000 people since its outbreak.On the sidelines of the annual African Ministers of

  • new ebola vaccine found safe in early human trials

    New Ebola vaccine found safe in early human trials

    World | March 26, 2015 13:17 IST

    Beijing:  A new Ebola vaccine has been found to be safe in the first phase one trial based on the 2014 strain of the virus.The experimental vaccine, developed by the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology and

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