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    Brussels bombers had planned new attack in France

    World | April 10, 2016 14:54 IST

    Brussels:Mohamed Abrini, the man arrested for links with the Paris and Brussels terror attacks, had planned to stage another attack in France, Belgian prosecutors said on Sunday. Abrini, who was arrested in Brussels on Friday,

  • US deploys B-52 bombers in Qatar to join fight against ISIS

    US deploys B-52 bombers in Qatar to join fight against ISIS

    World | April 10, 2016 13:04 IST

    Dubai: The United States has deployed B-52 bombers to the Mideast nation of Qatar to take part in the US-led bombing campaign against the Islamic State group. It is the first time the Cold War-era

  • iaf day special jet fighters and bombers of indian air force

    IAF Day special: Jet fighters and bombers of Indian Air Force

    India | October 08, 2013 14:59 IST

    New Delhi: The Indian Air Force was the first to induct jet fighters in Asia way back in 1948. Since then jet fighters has been at the forefront of our Air Force. These included legends

  • 25 killed in northern nigeria church bombings

    25 killed in northern Nigeria church bombings

    World | June 17, 2012 20:45 IST

    Abuja, Jun 17: Suicide bombers targeted four churches in a series of attacks in northern Nigeria today, killing at least 25 people, many of them children, and prompting reprisal attacks.As many as 80 people were

  • did maharashtra ats allow bombers of 13/7 to slip away

    Did Maharashtra ATS Allow Bombers Of 13/7 To Slip Away?

    India | January 24, 2012 10:54 IST

    New Delhi/Mumbai, Jan 23: By declaring the arrest of Naqee Ahmed today in last year's serial blasts in Mumbai, security agencies in the national capital feel that the Maharashtra ATS may be attempting to cover

  • 3 suicide bombers kill 20 people in afghanistan

    3 Suicide Bombers Kill 20 People In Afghanistan

    World | March 28, 2011 16:35 IST

    Khost, March 28: Three suicide bombers killed 20 people in an attack on a construction firm in a restive province in southeastern Afghanistan, government officials said Monday, with the Taliban claiming responsibility for the assault.Violence

  • taliban bombers attack sufi shrine in karachi 10 killed

    Taliban Bombers Attack Sufi Shrine In Karachi; 10 Killed

    World | October 07, 2010 23:40 IST

    Karachi, Oct 7: Two Taliban suicide bombers today struck venerated Sufi shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi in this Pakistani port city, killing at least 10 people and wounding 60 others in the latest in a