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ViewSonic VG2440V Video-Conferencing monitor Review

ViewSonic VG2440V Video-Conferencing monitor Review

Saumya Nigam Edited by: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Updated on: March 17, 2022 11:45 IST
ViewSonic VG2440V Video
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ViewSonic VG2440V Video

We live in a virtual world and we need an ecosystem that helps us live a connected lifestyle. No matter where we are- if we are having a good internet and the right gadgets, we can be anywhere, at any time and can result in becoming more productive. 

Work culture has taken a huge leap as we have been witnessing people working from home for almost 2 years now since the pandemic first hit. People upgraded their gadgets- headphones, laptops, speakers, workstations at home, use of LED ring light for video cameras and more. 

We recently reviewed a Conferencing monitor named ViewSonic VG2440V, which is available on Amazon India, at a discounted price of Rs. 18,999/- (at the time of writing). But does it really fit the bill? We tried justifying it by doing a detailed review.

Look and Feel

We received a 24-inch FHD IPS display which was easy to install. The monitor has a sleek design and looks sturdy, and its height could be managed according to the choice and preference. It has an easy installing guide and which can be read and followed to install the TV. The monitor neck could be adjusted according to the needs and preferences, and also the monitor could be moved in the left and right direction, without moving the base. So, one can adjust while conference or video call is connected. 

ViewSonic VG2440V  - India Tv

ViewSonic VG2440V Video Conferencing Monitor

ViewSonic VG2440V Video - India Tv

ViewSonic VG2440V Video

ViewSonic VG2440V Video - India Tv

ViewSonic VG2440V Video

The matt black colour monitor looks very graceful and has a sturdy build. The camera for video conferencing is placed in the centre of the upper panel which also comes with a camera lid so when it is not in use, we can drag the lid cover on the left.

Overall, the monitor has a quality look with a sturdy build.

Camera Quality

The monitor comes with a full HD camera featuring 1920x1080 pixel resolution. And the quality is worthwhile. I managed my zoom meetings, and my entire laptop ecosystem was converted to the monitor- it was working flawlessly well- the view was bright, clear and smooth. 

Indeed a great performing monitor with impressively wide viewing capabilities. The camera comes with a wide-angle frame and you can adjust with a few settings on zoom or Microsoft teams. or other websites. The clarity and details are very apt and no matter if we are working, gaming, or binge-watching, the monitor delivers great quality and sound too. 

Let us talk about sound now which is a must when we are dealing with monitors like this.


For room usage, for virtual conferences, or for gaming also, the monitor has the capabilities to deliver clear and loud audios without any trouble. Also, the inbuilt microphone has great bandwidth and while on a conference call, you can speak without strain and you will still be audible properly (like, you do not need to yell to make yourself heard over the conference call). 

Hence, the quality of the device is good enough to give voice commands and deliver a crystal clear audio quality. I literally watched animated movies, heard rock band music and even watched the Harry Potter series to check the quality along with my zoom meetings and make it as my primary monitor to my laptop, and it worked perfectly.  


Overall, the ViewSonic VG2440V Video Conferencing monitor is just a perfect monitor which can act like your gaming screen, video conferencing tool and television as well. But one thing I was hoping more with this device was touch enable screen or stylus enabled screen- which could help the user to have a better meeting experience.

Overall, this is certainly a good monitor which stands under the range of Rs 20,000/-. 

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