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YouTube starts testing online games: Know more

YouTube is testing a feature called "Playables" that enables users to play online games directly on the platform, potentially expanding its reach into the gaming industry. The feature is currently being tested by YouTube employees and can be accessed through the YouTube website or app.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Updated on: June 27, 2023 9:35 IST
Image Source : FILE YouTube started testing online games

YouTube is reportedly testing a new product called "Playables" that allows users to play online games directly on the platform, signalling the video-sharing giant's potential expansion into the gaming industry. Employees have been invited to test the feature, as reported by The Wall Street Journal and Engadget. The games can be accessed through a web browser on the YouTube website or through the YouTube app on Android and iOS devices.

Although the exact number of games available for testing remains unknown, one game highlighted in the report is Stack Bounce. This ad-supported arcade game involves smashing layers of bricks with a bouncing ball. The introduction of online games on YouTube could provide users with a new form of entertainment and offer additional opportunities for content creators to engage with their audience.

In addition to the gaming feature, YouTube has announced a new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered dubbing tool to facilitate video dubbing in different languages. This tool, developed by Google's Area 120 incubator, is called "Aloud." It utilizes AI to transcribe videos, providing creators with a transcription that they can review and edit. This feature aims to simplify the process of dubbing videos, making it more accessible for creators to reach a broader global audience.

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YouTube's venture into online gaming and the introduction of the AI-powered dubbing tool demonstrates the platform's ongoing efforts to enhance user experience and provide creators with innovative tools. By expanding into the gaming industry, YouTube can potentially tap into the large gaming community and offer a centralized platform for both video content and gaming experiences. The AI-powered dubbing tool, on the other hand, addresses the need for multilingual content and enables creators to easily localize their videos for a wider audience.

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While the testing phase for Playables and the AI dubbing tool is currently limited to YouTube employees, the positive reception and feedback from these tests may pave the way for a wider rollout of these features to the general public. As YouTube continues to evolve and diversify its offerings, users can expect more engaging content experiences and enhanced creator tools in the future.

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