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Sony to organize more digital showcases and livestreams this year: Report

Fans and enthusiasts eagerly await a glimpse into Sony's plans for the rest of 2023. They are eager to have a clearer understanding of the company's upcoming releases and events. However, Sony has recently shifted its approach and is no longer sharing detailed information well in advance, leaving fa

Edited By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: June 07, 2023 8:56 IST
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Image Source : PLAYSTATION Sony to organize more digital showcases this year

Sony is expected to host more digital showcases and livestream events throughout the year (2023), following their recent PlayStation Showcase. It was further stated that the company has been regularly organizing livestreams such as State of Play broadcasts, this particular showcase aimed to resemble a traditional E3 press conference.

According to the senior reporter of Kotaku, Ethan Gach, it has been confirmed through his sources that PlayStation has additional digital showcases in the works. This news doesn't come as a surprise, as it was anticipated that Sony would have dedicated broadcasts for upcoming titles like Marvel's Spider-Man 2. Furthermore, given Sony's extensive lineup of first-party games, it is only logical that more announcements would be made in the future.

Also, Sony has numerous third-party partners who rely on the company's promotional influence to generate awareness for their games. Considering these factors, it would be unexpected if Sony did not have any further presentations planned.

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However, fans and enthusiasts are eager to have a clearer picture of Sony's plans for the remainder of 2023. Many would appreciate a roadmap outlining the company's upcoming releases and events. Unfortunately, Sony has moved away from providing such detailed information in advance.

In conclusion, it is highly likely that Sony will organize more digital showcases and livestreams throughout the year. With a strong lineup of first-party games and numerous third-party partnerships, these events will serve to announce and promote upcoming titles. While fans await more information about Sony's plans, they can anticipate exciting announcements and reveals in the coming months.

In January, it was stated that Sony was set to launch a new model of the PS5 by April this year. The launch was announced after 2.5 years after the original version was released in late 2020. Finally, the PS5 is out and people can buy it from known online partners like Vijay Sales, Amazon India, JioMart and other platforms. 

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