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'NameDrop' feature on iOS 17: Why iPhone users are raising red flags?

The latest iOS 17 update includes 'NameDrop,' a feature causing privacy concerns as it automatically shares contact info with nearby devices.

Vishal Upadhyay Edited By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Updated on: November 28, 2023 18:35 IST
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Image Source : FILE iOS 17's NameDrop Feature

In the latest iOS17 update, a new feature called 'NameDrop' has caught the attention of iPhone users, sparking privacy worries. Local law enforcement agencies in the US, like Dewey police, have expressed concerns about this update. They highlight that the feature is automatic 'ON' and offer guidance on turning it off in settings.

What is 'NameDrop'?

The 'NameDrop' feature from the iOS 17 update lets users quickly share their contact info with nearby iPhones or Apple Watches which eliminates the need to physically exchange phones.

How to Disable 'NameDrop'

To disable 'NameDrop,' users can go to Settings, tap General, then AirDrop, and switch 'Bringing Devices Together' to 'off.'

Police Advisory

"you should remember to do this on your children's phone too if you choose to," Local police authorities in the US stated.

Law enforcement suggests applying this change not only to your phone but also to your children's phones if you decide to opt out. While 'NameDrop' is on by default, users have control. They must manually authorise any information sent and have the choice to decline.

Social Media Warnings

“The NameDrop feature aims to make sharing contacts easy but at a privacy cost. Without knowing, you could be sharing your info with nearby iPhone users," a user warned on X.

Users have taken to social media to share cautionary messages about the privacy implications of 'NameDrop.' Some advise fellow iPhone users on how to disable the feature to prevent unintentional sharing of personal information.

Users are urged to be aware of the default setting and take steps to control the feature based on their privacy preferences.

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