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OpenAI's GPT Store opening next week: What it is and what to expect? DEETS inside

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, is set to open an online GPT store next week. This store will allow users to explore and customise AI models for various purposes.

Written By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Published on: January 05, 2024 12:24 IST
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OpenAI, the parent company of ChatGPT, is gearing up to launch its online GPT Store next week. In this store, users get the chance to sell and share customised AI models based on the company’s powerful language models. Originally set to launch in November last year, the store faced delays due to the upheaval around OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s firing and subsequent rehiring. However, it's finally making its debut next week.

What to Expect from the GPT Store? 

According to IANS, the GPT Store allows users to create and share custom versions of AI models called GPTs. These GPTs are tailored versions of ChatGPT designed for specific purposes, making them more helpful in various aspects of daily life, work, or at home.

Creating Your Own GPT

OpenAI emphasises that creating your own GPT is a breeze, with no coding required. Users can make GPTs for personal use, or internal company needs, or share them with everyone. For instance, GPTs can be crafted to assist in learning board game rules, teaching kids math, or even designing stickers.

Earning Opportunity

Soon, users will have the chance to earn money based on the popularity of their GPT creations. The more people use your GPT, the more you can earn.

Guidelines and Public Sharing

OpenAI has sent out emails to GPT Builders, urging them to double-check that their creations align with brand guidelines. Additionally, creators are reminded to make their GPTs public for others to benefit.

Sam Altman's Vision

CEO Sam Altman had earlier announced the plan to roll out custom versions of ChatGPT, allowing people to create AI chatbots for specific purposes. This move opens up new possibilities for tailoring AI to meet individual needs.

Inputs from IANS 

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