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ChatGPT now offers current information with internet access

Users can now easily access source links for a more comprehensive understanding of the information provided. While this option isn't available for those who haven't subscribed to ChatGPT Plus yet, it's anticipated that even free users will eventually gain access to this feature.

Edited By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Updated on: September 28, 2023 14:38 IST
OpenAI levels up ChatGPT's abilities with internet browsing
Image Source : FILE OpenAI levels up ChatGPT's abilities with internet browsing

OpenAI's ChatGPT, which gained immense popularity since its launch in November 2022, became a household name for generative AI models. However, it faced a significant limitation – it lacked real-time updates. It could only provide information up until its last update in September 2021, rendering it unable to give opinions or details on events or products post that date.

The company has now addressed this issue. In a series of announcements, the company shared that ChatGPT's capabilities have been greatly expanded. It can now browse the internet to offer current and trustworthy information, along with direct links to sources. This means it's no longer bound by data limitations before September 2021. 

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Users will now see source links in the responses, offering them a clearer understanding of the provided information. Previously, ChatGPT didn't provide source references in its answers.

The company also mentioned that they've taken feedback received since the introduction of browsing in May into account. They've made updates like following robots.txt instructions and identifying user agents so websites can manage ChatGPT's interactions with them.

Browsing functionality is currently accessible to Plus and Enterprise users, with plans to extend it to all users in the near future. To access the most up-to-date information, users can opt for the "Browse with Bing" option in the selector under GPT-4. 

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This development addresses a notable gap between ChatGPT and Google Bard, as Google's chatbot has been known for providing more current information. With this enhancement, OpenAI has bridged that gap, ensuring users can now receive the most recent and relevant details through ChatGPT.

Recently, the company has also announced a significant upgrade to ChatGPT, introducing voice and image capabilities. This development allows the AI chatbot to now hear, see, and speak, creating a more interactive and intuitive interface.


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