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Upgrade Alert: Windows 11 users advised to switch to Outlook before end of 2024 - Here's why

After the deadline, Mail and Calendar apps won't get security updates or bug fixes, stressing the need to switch to Outlook for continued functionality.

Written By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Published on: February 08, 2024 15:29 IST
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Microsoft has officially announced the discontinuation of its Windows 11 Mail and Calendar apps, setting a definitive end date of December 31, 2024. This decision is part of a strategic shift towards promoting the adoption of Microsoft's Outlook app, which is seamlessly integrated into its Office 365 suite of tools.

Transition to Outlook

Windows 11 users, accustomed to relying on the Mail and Calendar apps for their day-to-day activities, will need to transition to Outlook before the specified date. The company plans to facilitate this migration process by displaying pop-up notifications to existing users, encouraging them to make the switch. However, users will have the option to ignore these notifications and continue using the Mail and Calendar apps until the specified cutoff date.

Outlook becomes default

Newer Windows 11 devices, starting from the year 2024, will come pre-equipped with Outlook as the default mail application. This move aims to streamline the user experience and align it with Microsoft's overarching strategy. As the year progresses, Microsoft will gradually halt all updates and support for the Mail and Calendar apps, effectively rendering them obsolete by the end of 2024.

End of support for mail and calendar apps

It's worth noting that beyond the specified date, users will no longer receive security updates or bug fixes for the Mail and Calendar apps. 

Outlook features

Outlook, a robust web application, offers users a suite of advanced features, making it a faster and more user-friendly alternative. In addition to email services, Outlook includes a comprehensive calendar and to-do list feature in the "My Day" section. The integration of various Office apps within Outlook provides users with a centralised platform for enhanced productivity. Furthermore, Outlook's versatility extends to its compatibility with third-party email accounts from providers such as Gmail and Yahoo.

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