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Microsoft's pay scale exposed: Leaked documents reveal salary insights | All details

According to the leaked details, the minimum salary for an entry-level Microsoft employee is $42,500. At this level, the company does not extend hiring bonuses or stock awards to its employees.

Edited By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Published on: October 18, 2023 18:19 IST
Microsoft's internal salary structure leaked: Know highest
Image Source : FILE Microsoft's internal salary structure leaked: Know highest and lowest salaries for new joiners

A significant incident has come to light concerning Microsoft, as reports indicate that the company's internal salary guidelines have been leaked online. The leaked documents, which pertain to salary recommendations utilised by hiring managers, were reportedly made public earlier this year.

The leaked documents specifically concern salary guidelines related to managerial positions within Microsoft. These documents offer insights into the suggested salaries for new hires. However, it remains unclear which organisational levels these guidelines pertain to, or if they are specific to particular roles.

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Diverse Salary Packages Based on Location

The leaked guidelines have shed light on various important practices. According to reports, Microsoft follows a differential pay structure based on employees' geographic locations. This implies that individuals in the same role but residing in different areas may receive distinct compensation packages. For instance, employees in cities like New York and San Francisco receive compensation that corresponds to the cost of living in those regions.

Highest Rank Indicates Substantial Salaries

The leaked information suggests that Level 70 is the highest attainable rank, commanding a basic salary ranging from $231,700 to $361,500. Additionally, bonuses for appointments at this level reportedly span from $310,000 to $1.2 million. In Microsoft, employees use their designated level to denote their rank, where higher level numbers indicate higher-ranking positions. Notably, employees classified under Level 63 and Level 65 are considered senior and key personnel.

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This incident highlights the sensitivity of salary information within organisations and underscores the need for robust data security measures to prevent such leaks in the future. It also emphasises the importance of transparency in compensation practices for promoting trust and fairness among employees.


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