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Mark Gurman reveals ups and downs of Apple's Vision Pro reception | DEETS inside

People have different opinions about Apple's new Vision Pro headset. Some like it, but others are returning it because they find it uncomfortable or too expensive. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman looked into why this is happening.

Written By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Published on: February 20, 2024 7:09 IST
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Image Source : APPLE Apple's Vision Pro Headset

Opinions are split on Apple's latest release, the Vision Pro headset. Some users hail it as revolutionary tech, while others criticise it for feeling too isolated. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman looked into the initial response and found a surprising number of returns, raising concerns about comfort, price, and overall experience.

Returns and feedback

Though Apple hasn't shared exact numbers, Gurman reports a notable amount of users returning their Vision Pro headsets. The return rate varies by store, ranging from 1-2 returns per day to as high as 8.

Apple's response

Despite the returns, Apple doesn't seem too bothered, as the Vision Pro is a niche product. However, the company is proactive, investigating the reasons behind the returns. Store staff are talking to customers to understand their concerns.

Reasons for returns

Several factors contribute to the return trend. Users find the headset heavy and uncomfortable, lacking enough apps to justify the high price. Some complain about glare on the display and a limited field of view, leading to a feeling of isolation while wearing it.

Diverse experiences

Gurman's own experience showcases the variety of opinions. While some return the headset, others, like Gurman, decide to keep it. This highlights the mixed reactions users have had with the device.

The early reception of the Apple Vision Pro is a mix of praise and criticism. While some users are returning it due to various issues, Apple is gathering feedback to potentially improve the product in the future.

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