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Llama 2: Meta's new free AI model takes on ChatGPT and Google's Bard

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is allowing commercial use of its AI chatbot, Llama 2, by partnering with major cloud providers like Microsoft.

Edited By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Published on: July 19, 2023 9:23 IST
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Image Source : META Meta's new AI model Llama 2 challenges ChatGPT and Bard

In a big move towards open innovation in the AI space, Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has introduced Llama 2, the next generation of its open-source large language model. Llama 2 is designed to rival other prominent language models like ChatGPT from OpenAI and Google's Bard but with a distinctive approach.

Notably, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently announced a partnership with Microsoft to bring Llama 2 to the forefront. This collaboration aims to make the technology accessible to a wide range of users, including tech enthusiasts, researchers, businesses, and policy advocates, all aligned with an open innovation approach to AI technologies.

Llama 2 is now available for research and commercial use, providing a valuable resource for various sectors.

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“We believe an open approach is the right one for the development of today’s AI models, especially those in the generative space where the technology is rapidly advancing. By making AI models available openly, they can benefit everyone," said Meta in a blog post 

According to the company, the availability of Llama 2 opens up a world of opportunities for businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and researchers, empowering them with advanced tools and computing power to explore new possibilities and innovate in exciting ways. It allows them to experiment with AI models on a scale that would otherwise be challenging to achieve independently, thus fostering economic and social benefits.

Moreover, making AI models openly accessible also encourages a community-driven approach to stress testing and problem-solving. Developers and researchers can collectively identify and address potential issues faster, facilitating collaborative growth in the AI field.

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Llama 2 can be found in the Azure AI model catalog, providing developers using Microsoft Azure with easy access to the technology. Its integration with Microsoft's cloud-native tools enables content filtering and safety features to ensure responsible usage.

Reportedly, the model is also optimised for local use on Windows which offers a seamless workflow for developers as they deliver generative AI experiences across various platforms. Apart from Microsoft Azure, Llama 2 is available through Amazon Web Services (AWS), Hugging Face, and other providers.


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