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Elon Musk calls out Microsoft CEO for Windows setup issue | What you need to know

Elon Musk asked Microsoft's CEO for help with a Windows PC issue. He wants to set up new computers without making a Microsoft account.

Written By: Vishal Upadhyay New Delhi Updated on: February 27, 2024 14:14 IST
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Elon Musk's Plea to Microsoft CEO: Even someone as big as Elon Musk sometimes needs tech support. In this case, he reached out to Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, with a request related to setting up new Windows PCs.

Elon Musk's request

"Satya, I don’t mean to be a pest, but please allow people setting up a new Windows PC to skip creating a Microsoft account. This option disappears if the computer is connected to WiFi," Musk stated in a post on X (Formerly Twitter)

Elon Musk asked for an option to set up a new Windows computer without needing to create a Microsoft account. He mentioned that this option disappears when the device connects to WiFi. He also pointed out that Windows doesn't allow users to sign up with their work email addresses, which is a problem for him because he only uses work email addresses, not personal ones.

Response and reactions

Musk's request got some amused responses, with one user calling it the most famous tech support request ever. Another joked about Musk's wealth, saying he can treat the CEO of Microsoft like a customer service representative.

Microsoft's partnership announcement

In another update, Satya Nadella announced Microsoft's partnership with a French startup called Mistral AI.

Microsoft described Mistral AI as an innovator and trailblazer in a statement on Monday. This partnership reflects Microsoft's ongoing investments in cutting-edge technology, such as its previous investments in OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT.

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