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ChatGPT crosses 1 million users in South Korea: Industry data

It was recently reported that ChatGPT usage in South Korea has grown up, beyond 1 million usage. It is further said that the monthly ChatGPT users base has steadily increased, and witnessed the growth for 697,000 in February and 880,000 in March.

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The number of OpenAI's ChatGPT users in South Korea has gone up by 30 per cent the last month (May 2024), surpassing the count of 1 million users. This is the first time when the number for the user base has increased for the artificial intelligence chatbot, industry data showcased on Tuesday. 

The mobile ChatGPT application has gained the popularity with 1.27 million users in May, up from 980,000 in April (2024), as per the market data analysis firm IGAWorks, reports Yonhap news agency.

It is for the first time when the monthly ChatGPT users have gone up the 1 million mark in the country. The user base has been steadily increasing, witnessing the growth for 697,000 in February and 880,000 in March.

The data also showed a rise in user engagement as the South Koreans spent a total of 739,000 hours, using ChatGPT last month, whcih was up by 55.8 percent from 474,000 hours in April this year.

New downloads of the ChatGPT app soared 47.9 per cent on-month to 404,000 in May. The app, which is available on iOS and Android since last year (2023), that continues to attract a diverse user base.

Launched in November 2022 by OpenAI, ChatGPT has gained popularity that the world with its content-creating generative AI technology. 

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The advent of ChatGPT-4o and Google Project Astra marks a groundbreaking shift in the world of artificial intelligence. Unlike their predecessors, these cutting-edge generative AI platforms can deliver real-time, intelligent responses through both audio and video inputs. This leap forward distinguishes them from earlier AI assistants like Google Voice Assistant, Siri, and Alexa, which relied primarily on text-based or voice command interfaces.


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ChatGPt has come up with another advanced feature which marks the development in the artificial intelligence segment. The company has expanded its chatbot’s capabilities by introducing a new Memory feature, which is capable of helping in retaining instructions across all conversations. Earlier, it was rolled out to the limited testers in February 2024 and now it has been made available for all the ChatGPT Plus subscribers, besides Europe and Korea.

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