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Apple’s to launch iPhone with sleeker-design: All you need to know

A recent rumour states that the iPhone is expected to enhance design and user experience. By potentially introducing a sleeker, more delicate device, the company has catered functionality and aesthetics together.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: May 19, 2024 16:33 IST
Apple iPhone
Image Source : FILE Apple iPhone

Apple Inc. has been planning to create a thinner iPhone, which will cater the users who who prefer a more delicate, streamlined device. A recent report from The Information stated that the tech giant is exploring several ways to design the upcoming handset slimmer than the existing iPhones, and some of the specific details are still undisclosed.

Innovative design changes

As per The Mashable report, the expected potential design has changed and it is said that it might involve a new, smaller combination of the front-facing camera along with the Face ID sensors. It is further said that the lighter aluminium casing could be introduced. 

Another idea surfaced that stated that the company has been considering shifting the back lenses to the centre of the phone to achieve a sleeker silhouette.

As reported by Engadget, some Insiders suggested that the proposed design for the upcoming Apple handset could represent an "iPhone X-level leap forward in design language for the company". 

Also, it will signify an evolution in Apple's design approach, which will further emphasize elegance with thinness.

Impact on Pro models

The upcoming slimmer iPhone could potentially replace the current design of the Pro models, as per the leaks. Also, some rumours further suggest that the iPhone 16 (expected to be named) will feature an even larger standard screen size than the existing one (Apple iPhone 15 series), which might coincide with the introduction of a thinner design for the upcoming Pro models.

Apple's thinnest iPhone 

In the second week of May, Apple launched its new 11-inch and 13-inch iPad Pro models in an online event, broadcasted from its official website. The recently launched tablets are being touted as the thinnest devices ever created by the company. 

The recently launched iPads are thinner than the old iPod nano (music player), which highlights the tech giant for the ongoing commitment will help reduce the thickness of its devices without compromising on functionality or performance.

Balancing size and thinness

While the trend for larger phone screens will continue, Apple will equally focus on making devices thinner. This dual approach will further suggest that the tech giant has been striving to provide users with expansive displays and sleek, easy-to-handle designs. 

The upcoming iPhone is rumoured to launch with the perfect blend of these two goals, which offers a large display with a slimmer form factor.

iPhone design’s future

As Apple continues to innovate its design, the potential for a thinner iPhone will be aligned with the broader industry trend which will look towards sleek and minimalistic devices. These are further rumoured to indicate that the company is preparing for a future where the devices are not only feature-rich but also aesthetic, with a user-friendly experience.

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