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Google Sheets brings new formatting feature for tables, with Excel switchers: How to use it?

Google Sheets’ new table formatting feature focuses on enhancing its functionality and making it easier for users to organize and manage data. This update will start to roll out on May 30 for few users, and rest might receive by June 6.

Written By: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 New Delhi Published on: May 19, 2024 14:11 IST
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Google Sheets has unleashed a new feature which enables users to create formatted tables with a single click, a functionality which was long been available in Excel. This update has been aiming at simplifying data management by enabling users to quickly turn blocks of data into organized tables with built-in filters and sorting rules.

A welcome addition for long-time users

For users who have been maintaining extensive spreadsheets for a long time, this new feature is expected to be a game-changer. Shared budget spreadsheet users, for example, where you had to manually create filters and sort data piece per piece.

The new feature will have the ability to quickly format tables streamlining this process, making data management less time-consuming and more efficient.

How to use the new table feature?

The new table formatting feature in Google Sheets is claimed to be easy for any user. If the new feature is available in your account, you could try by selecting a block of data and navigating to Format > then converting to Table.

This action will automatically create:

  • Filters for each column.
  • Visual row separators.
  • Format column types automatically.
  • Simplify drop-down menu creation.

How will the new feature enhance functionality for power users?

This feature will mirror some of the AI-generated tables which were showcased at Google’s I/O developer conference. 

Though it does not require Gemini integration and offers additional customization options, the update will further include a table menu which enables the users to:

  • Create specific filter combinations.
  • Adjust the range of data the table covers.
  • Utilize a new ‘Create group by view’ option to group data based on column filters, like priority levels.

Table templates for everyday tasks: Details

Google Sheets’ new feature has also incorporated table templates designed for common tasks like:

  • Project management
  • Inventory management
  • Event planning

These templates will further provide a quick starting point for the users to organize their data effectively, claims the company.

What are the rollout plans for the new feature? 

As with many Google updates, the new tables feature will be rolled out gradually- and a report by The Verge says that some of the users may get access by May 30th, while others might have to wait a little longer, as they could get it by June 6th. 

This phased rollout claims to give a smooth transition and enable Google to address any issues which may arise.

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