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YouTube might become a shopping website apart from showing just videos

Youtube as a shopping platform will help content creators earn money in a way other than just ads

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New Delhi Published on: October 12, 2020 12:41 IST
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YouTube's upcoming major change

YouTube could soon become more than just videos and ads. Google could soon turn it into a shopping site for users to shop products directly from the video-streaming platform itself. This will be in addition to showing product adverts and directing users to other e-commerce platforms. Read on to know more about the possible new YouTube feature.

YouTube to turn into a shopping site

As per a report by Bloomberg, Google is in talks with various YouTube creators to tag and track products in their videos. The products will be linked to Google's analytics and shopping tools. This will convert YouTube videos into a source of shopping from where users will be able to view, click, and buy the listed products via YouTube's website or app.

A YouTube spokesperson has confirmed that YouTube is planning to introduce the in-app shopping ability soon and is testing the feature with some YouTube channels. The YouTube creators will get full control over the products being displayed for sale. However, more details regarding this haven't been revealed.

The ability to shop via YouTube is expected to be like Google Shopping. For those who don't know, Google Shopping is a shopfront for both online and offline stores to list their products and allow users to shop. 

Google' decision to make YouTube a shopping place will help it compete with e-commerce giants such as Amazon, Flipkart and even Facebook and Instagram, which included the ability to shop a long time ago. This is will also be an opportunity for Google to become a shopping destination instead of just listing other shopping portals in the form of ads. 

Since the details are scarce, we need to wait until more information pops up. Hence, stay tuned.

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