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Raegr launches Vocalz 250 microphone kit for streamers: Price, features

Raegr has announced the launch of the Vocalz 250 microphone kit and here's all you need to know about it.

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New Delhi Published on: June 11, 2021 13:41 IST
Image Source : RAEGR

Raegr launches Vocalz 250 microphone kit.

Raegr has announced the launch of the Vocalz 250 Mic Kit. The audio kit consists of a high-fidelity condenser microphone and is equipped with an adjustable suspension scissor arm, a metal shock mount and a double-layer pop filter for studio recordings and broadcasting needs.    

The Raegr Vocalz 250 is not an ordinary microphone for the masses. It features a built-in high-fidelity audio processor that helps with studio-class audio performance and works with your laptop, tablet or smartphone too. The condenser mic has been designed to capture the details, nuances, and articulation with a high sampling rate, extended dynamic range, and a smooth frequency response. It offers richer and crystal-clear audios for live streams, podcast, YouTube videos, voice-over, meetings, gaming, singing and more.

It exhibits studio-class recording features wherein background noise is greatly eliminated due to the cardioid pickup pattern that only focuses sound sources directly in front of the microphone. Additionally, a pop filter with double mesh layering and a foam mic windscreen help reduce subtle plosive and wind sound for flawless recordings. 

Installing and setting up the Raegr Vocalz 250 is quite easy. Simply unfold the tripod, secure the bottom knob to a table and attach the microphone to it. The 180-degree flexible design allows you the adjust the microphone to any angle as you want. The all-steel scissor arm stand is sufficient for holding the entire setup steady and is fully adjustable with tension knobs to keep it in place. 

The Raegr Vocalz 250 Condenser Mic Kit will be available on Amazon.in and Flipkart.com for a price of Rs 3,499 with a standard industrial warranty of 1 year and an additional 6-month extended warranty upon registration.

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