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Nearby Sharing: This video tells us that Google’s AirDrop copy is arriving soon

Google Nearby Sharing, the company's AirDrop rival could launch soon as hinted by a new video

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New Delhi Published on: January 28, 2020 11:27 IST
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Image Source : PIXABAY

Google Nearby Sharing will replace the now-dead Android Beam

iPhone users know how convenient it gets to share media files with another iPhone using the AirDrop feature. Google wants the same for Android users and has been rumoured to introduce one. Turning the rumours to near-reality, a new video suggests that Google’s AirDrop rival could launch soon. 

Google’s AirDrop clone to be called Nearby Sharing

The video shared by XDA Developers shows two Google Pixel devices with Google’s AirDrop rival, which is likely to be called Nearby Sharing. The new Google Nearby Sharing option will be available in the slid-down menu and needs to be enabled on both devices to start with the process.

It is suggested that the Nearby Sharing feature will come with some setting options; the visibility option and modes such as Data, Wi-Fi only, and Without Internet. This will allow users to share media either on their mobile data, Wi-Fi or without any internet connectivity.

As a reminder, Google Nearby Sharing will replace the Android Beam feature, which was dropped with Android 10. The feature used NFC and Bluetooth to share files with other smartphones.

Google Nearby Sharing: How will it work

The feature is expected to work easily. While selecting the media to be shared, users will see the Nearby Sharing option under the Sharing section. They will have to select the option, choose the nearby device they wish to share the files with, and the file will get shared. 

One thing worth noting is that when the desired device will be selected, the recipient will have to accept the share request, much like on Apple devices.

While the video depicts two Pixel devices, past rumours suggest that the functionality will reach to all Android devices. Hence, we assume that Google could first introduce the feature to its Pixel devices and eventually make it available for other Android smartphones.

Google Nearby Sharing could be announced at the Google I/O 2020 in May. however, we don’t have concrete details. So stay tuned for more information.

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