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Best 5 smartphone games your parents must try

We all can teach something engaging to our parents, and what could be better than teaching them to play some fun mobile games. So here we bring you the 5 best and most simple mobile games which your parents and grandparents might like.

Written by: Saumya Nigam @snigam04 Noida Published on: June 11, 2022 8:30 IST
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Best 5 smartphone games your parents must try

Mobile gaming has taken another leap in today’s time. These days, not only youth and young professionals, but elder people have made different preferences altogether. Technology has become a part of life for many, and from feature phones to smartphone journeys, parents and grandparents have made different hobbies to engage themselves, with that little device on their palm.

Mobile gaming in elders is very common at present but choosing the right game which is simple and fun is a task when we talk about parents.

To ease this concern, we bring to you 5 best mobile games for your parents:

Candy Crush

Believe me or not, this is one game which is very engaging for parents. In fact, my mother and father, both have been into it for over a year, and they rather enjoy it. 

Candy Crush was never a very fun-filled game, but you cannot deny the fact that the game has been very engaging when it was new. Players will get various sets of candies of different candies, and you will have to match three similar candies to gain points. Not only this, there are combinations which will help you gain more perks in the game, which is rather very much compelling. 

Though there are versions of candy crush which are available for smartphone users- like ‘Soda Saga’ and ‘Jelly Saga’ along with the Candy Crush the original. And one must certainly download this game on a parent’s handset and let them play the game for once, and see the impact.


A simple game is yet engaging with its graphics and simplicity, having the capability to test the player’s quick cognition. Though there is not much of a strategy required to play this game, and indeed, Cascade is a perfect game for the visual workout. The player will have to connect the matching gem and gather points. To add thrill during the gameplay, the player will occasionally get the game boosters and shuffling of gems. Players can further share and add friends from social media to play together and beat the single-player mode and compete with others as well.

Cribbage – Crib and Peg Game

If your parents are solitaire or card game lovers, then this is the game you must definitely suggest your parents have on their handset. The rules are standard, as players will be open to challenging the game AI and improving the strategy. 

Players can also personalize their pegs, broads, background or cards accordingly. This game is certainly a revolution and would act as a game-changer from the old-school gaming culture. And it further features detailed point breakdown, automatic counting, difficulty level selection etc along with Hints to remove roadblocks in the game.

Monopoly Game

Well, business parents, this one is for you indeed!

From board games to smartphones, this game is a perfect business game without burning the pocket. played with the digital dice, players could easily check for their luck. And Monopoly is true, one of the best strategic resource management board games in today’s time. 

The game has 3D graphics which is a perfect mix which you must never miss in real-time gaming. 

Players can either choose to play alone or with other friends by choosing multiplayer via Bluetooth or WIFI.

Unblock Me

If your parents love puzzles, then they will like this game too. This game is some real deal where players will have limited blocks and they will have to unblock the red block by making its way to the exit point. The moving is limited and blocks are tightly packed among one another. though the game is simple to play initially, as the player will level up, it could make you brainstorm, just like chess. We suggest downloading this game and showing the play rules to your parent to know if they are engaged with the game or not. but it is certainly engaging for sure.

There are many games under the gaming category which can fit the best for your parents but initially, to begin with, you must let your parents experience these 5 games to know what they like and what they do not!


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