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After FIFA World Cup 2022, here's what might happen to Qatar and the stadiums used during tournament

FIFA World Cup 2022: The FIFA World Cup has come to a close and now Qatar have a huge task on their hands to amicably use and reuse the infrastructure that has been put in place.

Written By: Jishu Bhattacharya @bh0592 New Delhi Updated on: December 20, 2022 17:36 IST

FIFA World Cup 2022: The much awaited FIFA World Cup 2022 has finally come to a close with Argentina leaving Qatar with the coveted World Cup trophy. When a World Cup is played, it is always football that takes the centrestage, but thie edition has been pretty different so far. The World Cup stayed in news for its on the pitch and off the pitch incidents. In 2010, people were pretty doubtful about fans finding Qatar on the world map when it was assigned the rights to host the World Cup in 2022.

Qatar has almost spent $300 billion on hosting the World Cup in a proper manner. It is also being touted as one of the most expensive marketing campaigns in the history of the World Cup. Now the question arises that what will Qatar do with all the infrastructure that has been put in place. How will they revamp and reuse their gigantic stadiums? there is plenty of things to delve into, but FIFA and the organizers have a pretty different story to tell. According to the organizers and FIFA, this tournament has been a success. No matter whatever is being said, there is a huge possibility that Qatar will have to make massive efforts to resume normalcy.

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The current situation

Almost 7,00,000 soccer fans had visited Qatar and now they go back leaving Doha empty. It is not only the fans who will return, but also the migrant workers who were working on the project will also leave Qatar deserted. Real estate agents are losing their sleep on the fact that their hotels will remain empty and the stadiums might not be used later. Earlier this week European Union made some strong allegations regarding the involvement of bribery in the World Cup. There is a whole lot of myth about the economic benefit that Qatar might get by hosting the soccer fest. Economists say that there has been so such evident boost which is being claimed by a recent paper issued by the University of Surrey, United Kingdom. Qatar does not have any repute local soccer tournament and this raises serious questions about the usage of the tournament.


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