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Who will be crowned champions if India vs Australia ICC Men's U19 World Cup 2024 gets washed out?

India have won the tournament on five occasions - 2000, 2008, 2012, 2018, and 2022, whereas Australia have lifted the trophy thrice - 1988, 2002 and 2010.

Kumar Rupesh Written By: Kumar Rupesh @afiestysoul New Delhi Published on: February 11, 2024 14:29 IST
Uday Saharan and Hugh Weibgen.
Image Source : ICC Uday Saharan and Hugh Weibgen.

The finale of arguably the biggest age group competition in men's cricket is underway at Wilowmoore Park in Benoni as five-time champions India are taking on three-time winners Australia. Australia captain Hugh Weibgen was lucky with the toss and has elected to bat first considering that runs on the board in the final may be crucial.

Both teams are undefeated in the tournament, making the finale more exciting. 

Who will win the ICC Men's U19 Cricket World Cup 2024, if rain interrupts play?

Though the forecast for Sunday in Benoni is largely encouraging, there is a 15% chance of rain. If it starts pelting down in Benoni and play is not possible then the game will move into the reserve day (Monday, February 12). With a reserve day in place, chances are pretty high that the final will result in an outcome.

However, even if the reserve day gets completely washed out then the two captains will have to share the trophy.

Back in 2002, India and Sri Lanka shared the coveted ICC Champions Trophy after persistent drizzle resulted in a washout. The tournament was organised in Sri Lanka. Sourav Ganguly was the captain of India while star allrounder allrounder Sanath Jayasuriya was leading the Lankan Lions with several stars playing for both teams.

Australia's playing XI:

Harry Dixon, Sam Konstas, Hugh Weibgen (c), Harjas Singh, Ryan Hicks (wk), Oliver Peake, Charlie Anderson, Raf MacMilllan, Tom Straker, Mahli Beardman, Callum Vidler


Lachlan Aitken, Harkirat Bajwa, Corey Wasley, Aidan O Connor, Tom Campbell

India's playing XI:

Adarsh Singh, Arshin Kulkarni, Musheer Khan, Uday Saharan (c), Priyanshu Moliya, Sachin Dhas, Aravelly Avanish (wk), Murugan Abhishek, Raj Limbani, Naman Tiwari, Saumy Pandey


Aaradhya Shukla, Ansh Gosai, Dhanush Gowda, Rudra Patel, Prem Devkar, Mohamed Amaan, Innesh Mahajan


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