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Highlights, 1st Test: Rohit slams ton as India consolidate position on Day 4 against South Africa

Rohit Sharma scored another century as India set 395-run target for South Africa. In reply, Proteas were already 11/1 at Stumps on Day 4.

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New Delhi Updated on: October 05, 2019 18:32 IST
1st Test: Rohit slams ton as India consolidate position on Day 4 against South Africa
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1st Test: Rohit slams ton as India consolidate position on Day 4 against South Africa

Highlights, vs South Africa, 1st Test Day 4

India vs South Africa, 1st Test, Day 4: Hello and welcome to our live coverage of day two of the first Test between India and South Africa from Dr. Y. S. Rajasekhara Reddy ACA–VDCA Cricket Stadium. Rohit Sharma and Cheteshwar Pujara have given India control of the game. Both have hit fifties and are nearing centuries as India ended the session on 175/1 from 48 over, leading South Africa by 246 runs. India would now want quick runs and hope to put South Africa in for a while tonight as well in the last session as the pitch continues to get difficult to bat on with turn and uneven bounce. Follow live updates of the first IND vs SA Test from Visakhapatnam here at indiatvnews.com. (Scorecard | When and Where to Watch)

South Africa (431 & 11/1) against India (502/7 & 323/4) at Stumps, need 384 runs to win in Vizag.

17.15 IST: Play called off due to bad light. South Africa (431 & 11/1) against India (502/7 & 323/4) at Stumps, need 384 runs to win in Vizag. Jadeja 1/3

16.58 IST: Jadeja to Elgar, Review Taken and it's OUT! Ravindra Jadeja was unsure but Virat Kohli took the risk to take the review and the first-innings centurion departs cheaply this time.

16.43 IST: Excellent over and only 2 runs from it.

* Ashwin to start with new ball

16.38 IST: Team India finally declares the second innings. India (502/7d & 323/4d) set South Africa (431) target of 395 runs in Vizag. Rohit 127, Pujara 81

16.29 IST: Maharaj to Rahane, SIX! Rahane dances down the ground and makes room to send the ball for maximum. 

16.24 IST: Rabada to Rahane, FOUR! Edged and boundary. Thick edge from Rahane and ball races away for the boundary.

16.21 IST: Maharaj to Rahane, FOUR! Rahane just glides it through fine leg for a boundary.

16.16 IST: Rabada to Jadeja, OUT! Clean bowled! Jadeja departs after quickfire 40 and Rabada picks his first innings of the wicket.

16.06 IST: Maharaj to Kohli, SIX! The captain is looking to accelerate some run rate here. And he slogs it over midwicket for maximum.

15.50 IST: Maharaj to Rohit! OUT! STUMPED! End of an excellent inning, standing ovation from the crowd for the Hitman.

15.45 IST: Piet to Rohit, SIX! This is some crazy stuff from Hitman, three sixes in a row. Rohit dances down the ground to send the ball into the crowd.

15.44 IST: Piet to Rohit, SIX! Back to Back sixes from Rohit and this time over mid-wicket region. 

15.43 IST: Piet to Rohit, SIX! In the zone and Rohit slog sweeps it for the maximum.

15.32 IST: Philander to Rohit! CENTURY! Rohit Sharma scores his 5th Test century. India (502/7d & 204/2) lead by 275 runs against South Africa (431) in Vizag

15.24 IST: Muthusamy to Jadeja, SIX! Jadeja sweeps it for the maximum. The southpaw just plays it with the spin and gets his reward.

* Ravindra Jadeja is the new man in

15.19 IST: Philander to Pujara, Review Taken and it's OUT! Philander puts end to brilliant innings of Pujara. Desperate review from Pujara as it was a plumb

15.12 IST: Piet to Pujara, SIX! What a shot! This is Pujara at his best, it is very rare when we witness this attacking side of Indian talisman.

15.10 IST: Piet to Rohit, FOUR! Short pitch delivery from the spinner and it gets the perfect treatment from Rohit Sharma.

15.05 IST: We are back after the break

14.44 IST: TEA! India take the session completely. Rohit and Pujara have played sensibly and scored at a brisk pace as India's lead currently stands at 246. Both have hit fifties and are looking set to score centuries as India aim to extend their lead further. Join us in a while for the last session.

14.40 IST: Piedt to Pujara, FOUR BYES! Pitches on middle and turns and bounces past Pujara and De Kock misses it down the leg for another four byes.

14.39 IST: Dan Piedt is back on for South Africa.

14.34 IST: Vernon Philander back into the attack,

14.30 IST: Maharaj to Rohit, FOUR! Back to back boundaries from Rohit. This time from the left side of point. Moves into his 80s.

14.30 IST: Maharaj to Rohit, FOUR! Short and wide and Rohit easily square cuts for a boundary.

14.27 IST: Rabada to Pujara, FOUR! Rabada bowls a half volley and Pujara guides it in between point and cover for a boundary.

14.22 IST: Maharaj to Pujara, FOUR! Strays down the leg and Pujara glances it fine for a boundary. 150 comes up for India om the board.

14.19 IST: Rabada to Pujara, FOUR BYES! Bowls one down the leg-side and Quinton de Kock fails to reach that far wide and runs down for a four byes.

14.13 IST: Muthusamy to Rohit, FOUR! Short ball, Rohit rocks back and pulls it towards mid-wicket for a boundary.


14.07 IST: Rabada to Pujara, FOUR!
Rabada extracts an edge but the ball goes in between the keeper and first slip for a boundary. Lucky escape.

14.06 IST: India's lead goes past 200 and also the 100 partnership for the two.

14.02 IST: Muthusamy to Rohit, FOUR! He is greeted with a boundary. Gets down on one knee and laps it for a boundary.

14.02 IST: Muthusamy introduced into the attack.

13.59 IST: Rabada to Pjuara, FOUR! Short and wide and slapped through point for a boundary. Also, brings up his 21st Test fifty as India's lead nears 200

13.35 IST: Piedt to Pujara, SIX! Yes! You read it right. Rocks back and pulls it for a maximum. 13th in Test cricket.

13.33 IST: Rabada to Pujara, FOUR! Short and wide and Puji cuts it through point for another boundary. He has really upped the tempo after the drinks break. 100 comes up for India as well.

13.30 IST: Kagiso Rabada comes back into the attack.

13.27 IST: Piedt to Rohit, SIX! Rohit goes wide off long-on and Muthusamy takes a fine catch but in the process, his feet touched the ropes and he survives again. A maximum for Hit-man!

13.21 IST: Maharaj to Pujara, FOUR! Short and Pujara rocks back and cuts it past point for a boundary. Third time he has hit back to back boundaries. 

13.21 IST:  Maharaj to Pujara, FOUR! Once again steps out and plays it fine for a boundary.

13.16 IST: Maharaj to Pujara, FOUR!
This time he slams it past covers for a boundary. Pujara upping the ante now. India's lead goes past 150.

13.15 IST: Maharaj to Pujara, FOUR! Comes down the ground and flicks it past mid-on for a boundary.

13.14 IST: Maharaj to Rohit, FIFTY! Hits down the ground for a single and that's his fifty. 11th in Test cricket.

13.12 IST: Piedt to Pujara, FOUR! In control this time. Flicks it through the leg-side for a boundary. Two in two for Pujara.

13.11 IST: Piedt to Pujara, FOUR! Comes down the track and inside edges it past De Kock for a boundary. Opportunity of catch and stumping missed.

13.07 IST: Maharaj to Rohit, OUFF! Some mad turn and bounce there. Rohit comes down the track but the ball tuns out of not only his but De Kock's reach and goes past first slip as well. Rohit survives.

13.05 IST:
Keshav Maharaj to resume after drinks.

12.50 IST: Maharaj to Rohit, FOUR! Delicately done again! Guides it past slip and backward point for a boundary. Coasting around nicely again.

12.44 IST: Philander to Pujara, FOUR! Strays down the leg and Pujara flicks it and a misfield gives him four runs. Can he kick on from here after a slow start?

12.38 IST: Piedt to Rohit, SIX! A boundary now. After a powerful hit down the ground, Rohit delicately paddles it for a boundary behind the wicket.

12.37 IST: Piedt to Rohit, SIX! Straight down the ground for a towering six. Rohit turning on the heat now.

12.30 IST: Piedt to Rohit, Good bowling from Piedt here. Pitching it consistently on the good length, and beat Rohit on the final delivery with a quick release.

12.26 IST: Philander to Pujara, Pujara is being watchful of the Protea bowler, who is finding a little bit of seam movement here. Maiden.

12.18 IST: Dane Piedt bowls from the other end.

12.13 IST: Philander to Rohit, Rohit is taking on the charge here. He has charged the ball and hit it up in the air over the mid-off, but it fails to get distance. Two runs.

12.12 IST: And the players are back for the second session of the play! Rohit Sharma takes strike against Vernon Philander.

11.33 IST: LUNCH! India go into lunch at 35/1 with a lead of 106. A shared session overall as South Africa not only scored 46 runs but also got the crucial wicket of Mayank Agarwal to peg India back a bit. But, Rohit's presence will give India hope of scoring quick and putting a good total by the end of the day. Join us in a while for the second session!

11.24 IST: Maharaj to Rohit, SIX!
Drags it down and Rohit pulls the short ball over deep mid-wicket for another maximum.

11.22 IST: South Africa have kept it tight after the fall of Mayank's wicket and runs are not coming that freely. 

11.10 IST: Pujara is the new man in for India, Rabada has the ball for South Africa.

11.09 IST: Maharaj to Mayank, OUT! Looping delivery. Pitches on off, slight turn and catches the edge of Mayank's bat and caught safely by Faf at first-slip. India lose their first wicket. IND 21/1 from 8 overs

11.00 IST: Maharaj to Rohit, SIX!
After surviving a close stumping call, Rohit sweeps one over deep square leg for a maximum. His first for the innings.

10.55 IST: Third consecutive maiden over from Philander. Mayank facing all the balls so far. Great start from the pacer.

10.42 IST: Maharaj to Rohit, FOUR! Short and wide and pulled away through mid-wicket for a boundary.

10.41 IST: Keshav Maharaj to bowl from the other end.

10.39 IST: Maiden from Philander to begin with.  Great line and length to start proceedings.

10.36 IST: We are back! Mayank Agarwal will take strike for India, Vernon Philander has the ball for South Africa.

10.28 IST: India get a 71-run lead in the end. A bit less to their liking as Muthusamy and Rabada frustrated the hosts for a bit but in the end, a sizable lead nonetheless. Now the onus will be on India to come and score quick runs and then have a go at South Africa. Join us in a while as play resumes again.

10.24 IST: Ashwin to Rabada, OUT! Comes round the wicket, Rabada misses it and ball hits the back pad. Umpire gives it not out but India go for the review despite Wriddhiman Saha's disapproval. But, in the end, it was a successful review as it showed 3 reds. SA 431 all-out. India lead by 71 runs

10.21 IST: Ishant to Muthusamy, FOUR!
Pitched up and driven down the ground for a boundary.

10.12 IST: Ashwin to Rabada, FOUR! Back to back boundaries. This time straight down the ground. Important runs these.

10.13 IST: Ashwin to Rabada, FOUR! Goes aerial through the leg side and a boundary.

10.11 IST: Ashwin to Rabada, REVIEW! NOT OUT! Comes round the wicket and it misses the bat and hits the pad. Umpire says not out. India review but it's umpire's call in the end.

10.08 IST:  Jadeja to Muthusamy, FOUR! Takes the aerial route and goes over cover for a boundary.

10.06 IST: Ashwin to Muthusamy, FOUR! Driven through covers for a boundary. He is frustrating the Indians right now.

10.01 IST: Jadeja into the attack now.

10.00 IST: Ishant to Rabada, FOUR! Strays down the leg and Rabada clips it through mid-wicket for a boundary. They trail by just 100 now.

09.56 IST:
Ishant Sharma replaces Shami in the attack.

09.53 IST: Ashwin to Maharaj, OUT! He gets his man. Flighted delivery and Maharaj comes down the track and looks to clear the fence but holes out to Mayank at long-on. Ashwin has his sixth. SA 396/9 from 123.3 overs

09.50 IST:
South Africa have come out and played their bowling well so far. Both Maharaj and Muthusamy have handled Shami and Ashwin well so far.

09.39 IST: Shami to Maharaj, FOUR! Cut away and first boundary of the day. 

09.35 IST: Ashwin to bowl from the other end

09.34 IST: A bright start from Shami. Inswingers, outswingers and beating the bat on more than one occasion. Maiden to begin with.

09.29 IST: The players are making their way into the ground. Mohammed Shami will start for India. Maharaj on strike for South Africa. Here we go!

The cracks have opened up further and it will spin and batting won't be easy as the match goes on further. For India, it will be all about quick runs and then put SA in again and get 10 wickets.

08.52 IST: It may be my best hundred I have had for South Africa: Dean Elgar

Dean Elgar was among the South African batsmen who had a disastrous tour of India four years ago. [Read full story here]

08.40 IST: To stay away from cricket was very tough: Ravichandran Ashwin

The 33-year-old, who has been playing only one format for India since July 2017, last played the Adelaide Test from December 6 to 10, the first of the four on the tour of Australia. [Read full story here]

08.30 IST: Weather:

It's 28 degrees Celcius now in Vizag with cloudy skies. However, as the day progresses, showers are expected to lash down but who knows? Much like yesterday, the rain gods may decide to show some respite.

A brief preview: Dean Elgar (160) and Quinton de Kock (111) scored centuries on Day 3 of the first Test between India and South Africa at the ACA-VDCA Stadium, but R. Ashwin finished with his 27th fifer to bring the hosts right back into the game on Friday. At stumps, South Africa's score read 385/8 with Senuran Muthusamy (12) and Keshav Maharaj (3) at the crease. The Proteas still trail by 117 runs with just two wickets in the bag. [Read full preview here]

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