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Highlights, IPL 2019, Match 24: Pollard takes Mumbai Indians to thrilling 3-wicket win over Punjab

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Pollard ran riot as his innings included 10 sixes and 3 fours before he was dismissed before Alzarri Joseph and Rahul Chahar could score the winning runs.

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New Delhi Updated on: April 11, 2019 0:33 IST
Live IPL Score MI vs KXIP live blog IPL 2019 Match 24 today Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab Live u
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Live IPL Score MI vs KXIP live blog IPL 2019 Match 24 today Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab Live updates tv channel

Highlights, Match 24, IPL 2019: Mumbai beat Punjab by 3 wickets

00.7 IST: MUMBAI WIN BY 3 WICKETS! What a win for them! The crowd has gone bonkers. The Mumbai players are running in the middle. Alzarri Joseph once again is the hero. Tremendous atmosphere at the Wankhede! You just have to love the thrill this format brings. Yet again a low full toss on middle, Joseph brings down a straight bat and pushes it down to long on. They run the first run hard, the fielder releases the throw from the deep but Rahul Chahar is off for the second run and reaches the bowler's end before the throw comes. Mad scenes.

00.05 IST: Ankit Rajpoot to Kieron Pollard, OUT! Pollard is dismissed! Drama at the Wankhede! This game is not over yet. Rajpoot switches to over the wicket and delivers a short ball outside off. Pollard stands back to fetch it from there as he attempts to pull it over mid-wicket. He fails to gather enough power behind it and Miller in the deep takes his fourth catch of the evening. 4 needed off 4 balls.

00.04 IST: Ankit Rajpoot to Kieron Pollard, FOUR! A full toss on the pads, Pollard picks it up and smashes it behind square leg for a boundary. 4 needed off 5 balls.

00.03 IST IST: Ankit Rajpoot to Kieron Pollard, SIX! SIX! And it's a NO BALL! A low full toss on middle from 'round the wicket, Pollard mercilessly tonks it over mid-wicket for a biggie. Free Hit loading.

23.58 IST: Sam Curran to Kieron Pollard, SIX! Into the night sky! Pollard is motoring. Curran showing his inexperience there. Continues to bowl in the slot. A length ball and it has been dispatched over mid-wicket. 16 needed off 8 balls.

23.57 IST: Sam Curran to Kieron Pollard, SIX! No need to take singles if you can hit such big shots! 10 off first three balls, the crowd is going bonkers. Curran serves right in the slot for Pollard and he hoists it over long off.

23.55 IST: Sam Curran to Kieron Pollard, FOUR! Pollard has taken matters in his own hands! Curran delivers it full and wide outside off, Kieron shuffles across a bit and rockets it over extra cover for a boundary. 28 needed off 11 balls.

23.52 IST: Mohammed Shami to Alzarri Joseph, FOUR! That's the boundary Mumbai desperately needed. Shami bowls it on a length but wide outside off. The mid off is up and Joseph muscles it past the left side of that very fielder for a boundary.

23.47 IST: Sam Curran to Kieron Pollard, SIX!  Seventh biggie for the big West Indian. Curran errs on the final ball and delivers a full toss around off. Pollard swivels and effortlessly sends the ball sailing over mid-wicket.

23.42 IST: Sam Curran to Kieron Pollard, SIX! Not from the middle of the bat but it still travels the distance. A length ball outside off, Kieron pounces onto it and dismisses it over long off.

23.41 IST: Mohammed Shami to Alzarri Joseph, FOUR! That's uppish but safely goes to the fence. Short delivery on middle and leg, Pollard pulls it over backward square leg and Henriques (sub) rushes across to his right to attempt for the catch. But it falls just wide of his outstretched hands and goes to the boundary.

23.40 IST: Alzarri Joseph is the new man in.

23.39 IST: Mohammed Shami to Krunal Pandya, Soft dismissal! Shami angles across a full ball on off, a well-disguised slower one, Krunal tries to go inside-out over covers but fails to get any timing behind his shot. A straightforward catch for David Miller inside the ring, his third of the match. A dejected Pandya returns. This is fantastic bowling from Shami. 58 needed off 26 balls.

23.30 IST: Strategic time-out! This match is interestingly poised with Kieron Pollard still in the middle. But the West Indian needs support from the other end. Anything is possible at this venue, so don't go anywhere. Krunal Pandya has come in the middle.

23.29 IST: Mohammed Shami to Hardik Pandya, OUT! Shami strikes immediately to break the dangerous partnership. He dishes out a length ball outside off, Pandya clears his front leg and targets to clear long on but fails to middle his shot properly. Hardik knew that as soon as he hit the ball and turns back in disappointment. Miller makes no mistake in the deep. 63 needed off 29 balls.

23.29 IST: Mohammed Shami back on for KXIP

23.22 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin to Kieron Pollard, SIX! Dead straight! Pollard is teeing off here. Ashwin puts it on a fuller length on middle, the Mumbai skipper once again makes space and launches it over the bowler's head.

23.21 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin to Kieron Pollard, SIX! Into the Mumbai crowd! Ashwin drops full and wide outside off, a carrom ball, Pollard steps back and thwacks it mightily over wide long on.

23.20 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin to Hardik Pandya, FOUR! Ashwin drags his length back and pays the price. It's short and on middle, Hardik shows no mercy and puts it away to the mid-wicket fence via a pull shot.

23.14 IST: Hardus Viljoen to Hardik Pandya, FOUR! Bang! Viljoen delivers it short and on middle, Hardik turns inside the crease and plays a thunderous pull shot behind square leg for a boundary.

23.13 IST: Hardus Viljoen to Hardik Pandya, FIVE WIDES! Viljoen bowls a short ball down the leg side, Hardik tries to flick but misses. It goes past him and the keeper for a boundary at fine leg. It's given as wides but the replays show that it took Pandya's pads. Really bad luck for the bowler.

23.12 IST: Hardik Pandya is the new man in

23.11 IST: Sam Curran to Kieron Pollard, OUT! Kishan is run out! Another blossoming partnership is cut short. Curran delivers it full and around leg. Pollard tries to flick but misses and it goes off his pads to the off side. Kishan rushes out of the crease in search of a run but is sent back. But before he can reach with a dive, Curran has scored a direct hit at the bowler's end. Well short, no need to go even upstairs. 104 needed off 48 balls.

23.10 IST: Sam Curran to Kieron Pollard, SIX! Pollard has exploded! Curran delivers a full ball outside off, it's right in the arc for the West Indian. Pollard flexes his muscles and powers it over the bowler's head for a biggie.

23.08 IST: Sam Curran to Kieron Pollard, FOUR! Curran under immense pressure. He overdoes his length this time. Bowls it full and on leg, Pollard whips it past the diving mid-wicket fielder for a boundary. The crowd is going berserk here.

23.07 IST: Sam Curran to Kieron Pollard, SIX! Plundered by Pollard. Brute force. Short in length on middle, nicely sitting up to the Trinidadian, Kieron swivels and rockets his pull shot over square leg.

23.04 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin to Kieron Pollard, SIX! Pollard finishes the over with a biggie. Ashwin bowls it short to the Mumbai skipper who goes deep inside the crease and muscles it over long on for a big hit.

23.02 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin to Ishan Kishan, FOUR! This is a tremendous shot from Ishan Kishan! A tossed up ball outside off, plenty of width on offer this time and Kishan cracks it over extra cover.

22.58 IST: Hardus Viljoen to Kieron Pollard, Loud appeal for a caught behind but clearly no bat there. Hardus bowls it short outside off, Pollard goes for the pull but does not get bat on ball. The ball brushes his shoulder while going through to the keeper. Viljoen goes for the appeal thinking there was some bat on it but replays confirm the same.

22.51 IST: Ravichandran Ashwin to Quinton de Kock, OUT! Magnificent catch in the deep by David Miller. And once more a Mumbai batsman has thrown away a start. Ashwin is running in joy. Quinton de Kock is a big wicket without any shadow of a doubt. A flighted full ball around off, the South African jumps out of the crease to play a lofted shot over mid off but fails to get to the pitch of the ball cleanly. He still goes on with the shot and chips it in the deep. Miller moves swiftly to his left in the deep and takes a nice sliding catch. The crowd has gone silent. Punjab are on top. 136 needed off 67 balls for Mumbai.

22.45 IST:  Sam Curran to Suryakumar Yadav, OUT! SKY falls! A full delivery on the pads is flicked aerially over square leg by Yadav. He tries to go over the fielder in the deep but Henriques (sub for Gayle) stationed there times his jump well and catches the ball over his head. Curran is elated. 142 needed off 74 balls as yet another Mumbai batsman fails to convert his start.

* Sam Curran is into the attack.

22.35 IST: Hardus Viljoen to Quinton de Kock, DROPPED BY RAHUL! A short delivery sliding down the leg side, de Kock gloves his attempted pull shot behind and Rahul attempts to take the catch with a dive. He fails to hang on though and parries it towards square leg. They cross. So, both the batsmen have got a life each. Costly?

22.32 IST: Hardus to Suryakumar, FOUR! That's a cracking shot by Yadav. He reads the line early as Hardus bowls it short, Yadav bends down and plays the pull shot with perfection. The ball races to the backward square leg fence. MI 46/1 in 5.2 overs

* Change in bowling. Hardus Viljoen is introduced into the attack. He will be bowling to his fellow South African, Quinton de Kock.

22.30 IST: Rajpoot to Suryakumar, FOUR! Just uses the pace of the bowler. Width on offer outside off, SKY stays back inside the crease and quietly runs it down fine to the third man fence. MI 43/1 in 5 overs

22.29 IST: Rajpoot to Suryakumar, FOUR! Up and over the bowler! Full in length on off, Yadav takes his front leg forward and chips it over the bowler's head for a boundary. MI 39/1 in 4.4 overs

22.28 IST: Ankit Rajpoot to Suryakumar Yadav, DROPPED BY MILLER! Dear me, he is the last fielder you will associate a dropped catch with. A shortish ball outside off, Suryakumar plays a back foot punch uppishly in the direction of backward point.

22.27 IST: Rajpoot to Suryakumar, FOUR! First boundary for Yadav. He hits this length ball outside off by playing a cut. The timing was so good that it goes past point and beats the third man fielder with perfection. MI 33/1 in 4.1 overs

22.26 IST: Mohammed Shami to Suryakumar Yadav, Sharp delivery. An inswinger on the shorter side around off, Yadav brings his bat down at the last time and guides it down to third man for a run.

* Suryakumar Yadav comes in to bat at Number 3.

22.24 IST: Shami to Lad, OUT! Nicely worked up wicket. Three dot balls created pressure, the batsman tried to do something different and gets out. Shami bringing in all his experience into play. The line he keeps fairly straight and spears it on a fuller length. Siddhesh shuffles across the stumps to create the different angle with his flick shot, in order to avoid that square leg fielder, but he fails to put bat on ball. It goes through and rattles the stumps. MI 28/1 in 3.4 overs

22.17 IST: Ankit Rajpoot to Quinton de Kock, FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries! Rajpoot over-corrects his line and length there. Short and wide outside off, de Kock walks forward, makes room and slaps it through cover-point

22.16 IST: Ankit Rajpoot to Quinton de Kock, FOUR! Shot! Rajpoot delivery it full and around leg, de Kock picks it off his pads and whips it over mid-wicket for a boundary. A good start is the key and Mumbai are getting one here.

22.14 IST: A good over from Shami. Just 3 runs off it.

22.09 IST: Mohammed Shami will share the new ball with Rajpoot

22.07 IST: Ankit Rajpoot to Siddhesh Lad, FOUR! Now a boundary! Once again, Rajpoot is guilty of bowling it on the pads, Lad flicks it over backward square leg and the ball races away to the fence.

22.06 IST: Ankit Rajpoot to Siddhesh Lad, SIX! Wow! A dream start to his Indian T20 League career. A biggie. Yes, it is a freebie but you have to put them away. Short and down the leg side, Lad pulls it over the fine leg fence for a maximum.

22.04 IST: Quinton de Kock and debutant Siddhesh Lad are in for Mumbai while Ankit Rajpoot has the ball for Punjab.

22.02 IST: The pitch is a belter and Mumbai also have the resources in their batting to scale this target. Rohit Sharma is missing today and that's a blow but still the hosts will be banking on the likes of Quinton de Kock, Kieron Pollard, Hardik Pandya and Suryakumar Yadav to deliver the goods. We are expecting a cracking chase. Do join us in a short while.

22.00 IST: Absolute carnage from KL Rahul.

21.57 IST: Mumbai were brilliant in the first four overs but then were equally poor in the next 8 overs or so. They did make a comeback of sorts after removing Gayle as a few wickets fell in a hurry but then KL Rahul took control and scored a scintillating hundred.

21.54 IST: That's a big total posted on the board by Punjab. Mumbai, though, will feel that it could have been even worse. After a quiet beginning, the pair of Gayle and Rahul exploded. They took the Mumbai bowlers to the cleaners and amassed runs at will. They put together a century stand in very quick time and Punjab looked well on course for a total in excess of 200. A moment in the game when the Jamaican felt the heat and called the physio resulted in the visiting team losing some momentum as the West Indian got out immediately after that.

21.51 IST: Jasprit Bumrah to Mandeep Singh, FOUR! Mandeep ends proceedings with a boundary. Back of a length delivery outside off, Mandeep stays back and slaps it through backward point for a boundary. Punjab finish on 197/4!

21.49 IST: Jasprit Bumrah to KL Rahul, CENTURY! Rahul smashes this towards long off. They take one, Rahul slips at the bowler's end but he still manages to complete the second. Brings up his ton. His maiden century in this league. What a knock this is. Just brilliant. He played second fiddle to Gayle but stayed out there and has accelerated when his team needed. Takes his helmet off and then soaks in all the applause by the crowd and his teammates.

21.47 IST: Jasprit Bumrah to KL Rahul, SIX! THAT IS MASSIVE! He moves onto 98! Bumrah misses the yorker but just, Rahul just whips it and it goes over the mid-wicket stand. A biggie to begin the last over.

21.44 IST: Hardik Pandya to KL Rahul, SIX! Boom! Rahul has taken Hardik to the cleaners. A back of a length delivery outside off, KL clears his front leg and pumps it over long off for a flat maximum.

21.43 IST: Hardik Pandya to KL Rahul, SIX! 16 from 3 balls. KL Rahul is on fire. Receives a short ball this time, he stays back inside the crease and pulls it massively over fine leg for a biggie.

21.42 IST: Hardik Pandya to KL Rahul, FOUR! Uppish but wide of the cover fielder inside the ring. Hardik tries the slower one but bowls it too wide outside off. Rahul latches onto it and forces it over the jumping cover fielder for a boundary.

21.41 IST: Hardik Pandya to KL Rahul, SIX! Bang! What a fine shot! Rahul shows no mercy on his best friend. The length is on the shorter side outside off, KL holds his pose inside the crease and spanks it over extra cover.

21.40 IST: Jasprit Bumrah to KL Rahul, FOUR! Brilliant shot! The use of the wrists was outstanding there. It is full and outside off. KL Rahul at the very end just opens the face and guides it through backward point for a boundary.

21.38 IST: Mandeep Singh is the new man in

21.37 IST: Jasprit Bumrah to Sam Curran, OUT! Bumrah has the last laugh! Curran tries to be cheeky as he looks to paddle it. The pace though has been taken off on the delivery. Hence, he only manages to lob it towards the keeper who does not make a mistake.

21.35 IST: Jasprit Bumrah to Sam Curran, FOUR! Consecutive boundaries! Curran has come out all guns blazing. 150 up. Full and wide again outside off, Curran throws his bat at it, gets it over covers. The fielder in the deep looks to stop it with a dive but fails to do so.

21.35 IST: Jasprit Bumrah to Sam Curran, FOUR! Lovely shot to open your account. Much-needed boundary and the ideal start to this over for the visitors. Length delivery by Bumrah and it going away from the angle after pitching on off. Curran on the up, strokes it over covers and bags a boundary

21.34 IST: Jasprit Bumrah is back into the attack.

21.33 IST: Sam Curran is the next man in

21.32 IST: Hardik Pandya to Karun Nair, OUT! This over keeps getting better for Mumbai as Hardik gets Karun. Punjab losing their way here. Goes for the yorker but ends up bowling a low full toss. Nair looks to slog sweep it but the bat turns in his hands. It goes off the top edge and it is a skier for Chahar at deep square leg. He judges it well and takes it nicely.

21.24 IST: Karun Nair is the new batsman in. Krunal Pandya comes back into the attack.

21.23 IST: Hardik Pandya to David Miller, OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! The ploy to bowl full and wide has paid off for Pandya. He lets out a huge roar as he is delighted to get a wicket. Miller once again throws his bat at it but this time the ball takes the outside edge and goes into the mitts of the keeper. The dangerous Miller does not make an impact, his promotion does not work.

21.21 IST: Hardik Pandya to David Miller, FOUR! STREAKY BUT EFFECTIVE! Full and outside off, Miller throws his bat at it but the ball flies off the outside edge and through the gap between point and short third man for a boundary.

21.16 IST: Strategic time-out! Mumbai have broken through the opening stand and probably just at the right time. 6 more overs to go, if Mumbai can manage to pull things back and somehow keep the visitors under 18- they would be the happier side heading into the break. Punjab on the other hand, have Rahul who is set out there and still a lot of batting to come. They would hope they can end strongly. Hardik Pandya is back.

21.11 IST: David Miller is the new batsman in.

21.09 IST: Jason Behrendorff to Chris Gayle, OUT!  In the air... taken! Mumbai get the wicket they so desperately wanted! Jason bowls it full and on middle, Gayle clears his front leg and looks to clear the mid-wicket fence. Does not get the desired distance as it is not off the middle and Krunal there in the deep holds onto the catch. A tired Gayle walks back but he has done a fine job. The foundation is set for the batters to come. Can Punjab capitalize or will Mumbai pull things back?

21.06 IST: Jason Behrendorff to Lokesh Rahul, FIFTY! Fifty for KL Rahul now. Three consecutive fifties for him now. 14th in the League. His half ton is not as exciting as his partner but he has done a very good job. Needs to get going now though. He gets there with a single as he pushes it towards cover. Gayle though is down on his haunches after completing the run.

21.02 IST: Jason Behrendorff is back on for his last over

20.59 IST: Rahul Chahar to Chris Gayle, SIX! Gayle is unstoppable! Chahar begins this over with a maximum. He delivers a full and flighted ball wide outside off, Gayle kneels and sends it packing over long on.

20.56 IST:  Krunal Pandy a to Chris Gayle, SIX! How easy was that? A very slow and short delivery by Krunal. Gayle waits for it and shows tremendous power to loft it over the long on fence off the back foot. It also brings his 50 up and he does it in style. The dug out is up clapping the effort. A ton is on the offering here.

20.55 IST: Krunal Pandya on for MI now

20.53 IST: Rahul Chahar to Chris Gayle, SIX! BANG! Chahar, due to the last delivery, gives this one more air in the hope of more turn. He though bowls it way too full. The spin is completely out of contention and Gayle tonks it over the long off fence. Spoils the over, still a good one but had that not gone for a biggie, it would have been tremendous over.

20.48 IST: Hardik Pandya to Chris Gayle, FOUR! SLAPPED! Gayle is in some mood here! Hardik is just not sure where to bowl to him. This time he tries to bowl length and outside off. Gayle stands tall and slaps it through covers for a boundary. 16 runs and there are still two balls to go.

20.46 IST: Hardik Pandya to Chris Gayle, FOUR! Save your legs Hardik Pandya! Brute! This is fuller and on off, Gayle smashes it just past the bowler and to the long on fence.

20.45 IST: Hardik Pandya to Chris Gayle, SIX! That is colossal! Gayle has picked the bones out of that one! It is short which is a good option against Gayle but you have to bowl at his body, this is on middle. He pulls it way over the square leg fence for a huge one.

20.44 IST: Hardik Pandya to bowl from the other end

20.41 IST: Rahul Chahar to KL Rahul, FOUR! WOW! What a shot! Excellent use of the wrists there. It is slightly fuller than Chahar should be bowling but still not a bad ball. Rahul plants his front foot ahead and then whips it through mid-wicket. It is in the gap in that region and a boundary.  

20.40 IST: 
Time for spin. Rahul Chahar to resume after the break. 

20.38 IST: Strategic time-out!  A watchful start from Punjab and then their openers have pressed on the accelerator. Both, Gayle and Rahul are looking in ominous touch and Mumbai need to strike quickly to separate this dangerous pair.  

20.34 IST: Alzarri Joseph to KL Rahul, FOUR! A calypso style lofted drive! The slower ball and it is outside off, Rahul has his back leg up in the air and then just picks it over the mid off fielder. A boundary! 10 from the first three balls.

20.34 IST: Alzarri Joseph to KL Rahul, SIX! Short and Rahul pounces on it! A bumper and it bounces at a good height for the batsman. Rahul picks the length early, rocks back and sends it sailing over the mid-wicket fence.  

20.29 IST: Jasprit Bumrah to KL Rahul, FOUR! 
Excellent placement! You have got brute force at one end and sublime timing at the other. It is the off cutter and it is a touch short. Rahul waits for it, goes back and then punches it through the gap in the cover region.

20.25 IST: Jason Behrendorff to Chris Gayle, SIX! Maximum to end! 23 from this over, a huge one and a much-needed one. Jason once again makes the mistake of bowling it too full on middle, Gayle easily strokes it over the bowler's head. The timing is such that it carries all the way.

20.24 IST: Jason Behrendorff to Chris Gayle, FOUR! This time Gayle picks the slower one and bags a boundary! Slower but there is width on offer and with no fielder in the deep on the off side that is just bad bowling. Gayle slaps it over covers and a boundary results.

20.22 IST: Jason Behrendorff to Chris Gayle, SIX! Two-in-two! This is even bigger than the last one. Once again it is a poor delivery. Length and on middle, sits up to be hit. Gayle pulls it with aplomb, over the mid-wicket fence. This could be a big, big over. 13 from it already.

20.21 IST: Jason Behrendorff to Chris Gayle, SIX! Gayle gets into the act! He has absolutely smoked that. Right in Gayle's zone. Full and on middle, Chris lofts it over the long on fence.

20.18 IST: Alzarri Joseph to KL Rahul, SIX! High and handsome! How stylish was that? Joseph angles it on the pads, Rahul says thank you very much and he nonchalantly flicks it high up in the air, it has the distance though as it goes over the square leg fence. First of the game.

20.15 IST: Alzarri Joseph is into the attack.

20.14 IST: Jason Behrendorff to Chris Gayle, Lovely shot! This is angled into Gayle. He whips it through mid-wicket. There is protection in the deep so just a single.

20.10 IST: Jason Behrendorff to Lokesh Rahul, FOUR! Classic! Top shot! Save your legs. Back of a length and on off, Rahul stands tall and punches it through covers for the first boundary of the game. Ideal start to this one after two quiet overs.

20.13 IST: Jasprit Bumrah to Chris Gayle, Bowls a bouncer, Gayle does well to duck under it. Just 3 runs from the over. Good start from Jasprit Bumrah.

20.05 IST: Jasprit Bumrah to bowl from the other end

20.01 IST: Jason Behrendorff to Lokesh Rahul, A beautiful delivery to begin with! Excellent use of the angle that. It pitches on off and Rahul is worried about the one coming back. The ball though goes on with the angle. Rahul has a tentative poke and he gets beaten.

19.57 IST: We are all set for the action to begin! The Mumbai players make their way out to the middle and they are followed by the two Punjab openers, Chris Gayle and KL Rahul. Jason Behrendorff to start the proceedings for the hosts. He will look for some swing. Will he get any? We will have to wait and watch as he steams in.

19.38 IST: Debut for Siddhesh Lad

19.36 IST: Playing XIs:

Mumbai Indians: Siddhesh Lad, Quinton de Kock (WK), Suryakumar Yadav, Ishan Kishan, Krunal Pandya, Kieron Pollard (C), Hardik Pandya, Rahul Chahar, Alzarri Joseph, Jason Behrendorff, Jasprit Bumrah

Kings XI Punjab: Lokesh Rahul (WK), Chris Gayle, Karun Nair, Sarfaraz Khan, David Miller, Mandeep Singh, Ravichandran Ashwin (C), Sam Curran, Hardus Viljoen, Mohammed Shami, Ankit Rajpoot

19.31 IST: TOSS - IPL 2019, Match 24: Mumbai Indians win toss, opt to bowl against Kings XI Punjab in Mumbai.

19.29 IST: Rohit Sharma suffered a right leg muscle spasm yesterday during training. Rohit has recovered significantly in the past 24 hours. As a precautionary measure, Mumbai Indians management has decided to rest Rohit for one match, i.e. vs KXIP.

Mumbai Indians will be led by Kieron Pollard today: Mumbai Indians

19.25 IST: PITCH REPORT -Pacers are likely to find some help from the pitch but it is a good pitch and a high-scoring encounter can be expected.

19.22 IST: Wankhede in all readiness for the mega-clash

19.20 IST: Siddhesh Lad is all set to make his debut for MI and it looks like, it is going to be in place of Rohit Sharma. Confirmation in a bit.

19.15 IST: The teams have arrived in Mumbai

19.00 IST:The Punjabis hoping to make an impact in Mumbai

18.45 IST: Some chilling before the match

18.40 IST: Head-to-head record

18.30 IST: Big blow for Mumbai Indians and Team India as Rohit Sharma sustainsinjury during training

In a major dent to Mumbai Indians' ongoing IPL 2019 campaign and Team India's World Cup readiness, opener Rohit Sharma seems to have picked up a hamstring injury during his IPL team's training session on Tuesday night at the Wankhede Stadium. [Read full story]

Brief Preview: 

Revenge will be on their mind when Mumbai Indians lock horns with Kings XI Punjab, the hosts looking to stretch their winning run in the Indian Premier League here Wednesday. The previous encounter between the two teams in Mohali had ended in a comprehensive eight-wicket win for Kings XI, but home conditions at the Wankhede Stadium are expected to favour MI.

MI enter the match high on confidence following successive victories over holders Chennai Super Kings and last edition's finalists Sunrisers Hyderabad.

Significantly both these victories came mostly because of MI's all-round bowling strength as the bowlers defended totals successfully. [Read full peview]

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