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Highlights, 5th Test: India lose final Test despite Rahul, Pant tons, England clinch series 4-1

England defeat India by 118 runs to win the fifth and final Test and clinch the series 4-1. A perfect send-off to their former skipper, Alastair Cook.

Reported by: India TV Sports Desk New Delhi Updated on: September 11, 2018 23:04 IST
England defeat India by 118 runs, clinch series 4-1
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England defeat India by 118 runs, clinch series 4-1


India vs England, 5th Test, Day 5 Highlights: What a day it has been. Exciting, pulsating, thrilling, nerve wrecking and an endless amount of emotions running through every player present at Oval. England have defeated India to win the 5th and final Test by 118 runs and clinch the five-match series. The No.1 Test team in the world were given a run for their money and the Englishmen have come out with flying colours once again. Despite opener KL Rahul's 149 and Rishabh Pant's 114, India couldn't manage to survive England once the new ball came in. James Anderson now becomes the 4th highest wicket-taker in Test cricket. Alastair Cook signs off in style after he scored his fairytale 33rd Test hundred in his final Test match. For India, it was too tough from the start and the only lesson they can take back from here is the experience. England reign supreme on their backyard once again. Here are the highlights of Day 5 of the fifth and final Test at The Oval. (SCORECARD | DAY 4 HIGHLIGHTS)


* The resistance ended! After a long, wicket-less second session, India have finally holed out in the final one. Rahul and Pant batted superbly and aroused few expectations as well by Rashid's magic the old ball meant both walked back sooner than later. After that, it was bread and butter for the pacers, with the second new ball. Anderson and co. made a light work of it and got the work done to win the fifth Test by 118 runs.

* Great scenes out there. Cook and Anderson are walking out as legends out the game, if they weren't already. Both sets of players applaud and shake hands with the two as Cook lead them off the field for one final time. Anderson urged Cook to take the charge as he wanted it to be his moment. The crowd stands and cheers their stars off the field as well.

21.57 IST: OUT! ENGLAND WIN THE SERIES 4-1. What a fitting end to this Test match! James Anderson gets the last and his 564th wicket and with that he now becomes the most successful fast bowler in Tests. Isn't he delighted, isn't the crowd delighted... You bet they are. Jimmy gets this one to come back in from around off, Shami tries to keep it out but the ball sneaks through and uproots the middle stump. Handshakes all around as ENGLAND HAVE WON THIS GAME BY 118 RUNS, TAKING THE SERIES 4-1!

21.53 IST: OUT! EDGED AND TAKEN! That is the final nail in the coffin. Jadeja walks back as he is done in by another excellent outswinger by Sam Curran. He is really making full use of the new ball. He once again angles it into the batsman first and then gets it to leave him. Jadeja plays inside the line, the ball kisses the outside edge and Jonny Bairstow behind does not drop it this time as he takes it with a dive to his left. One wicket away now England. IND 345/9 in 93.5 overs

21.50 IST: FOUR! Pure timing that! On the pads, Jadeja flicks it through square leg and the ball races away. However, runs do not matter now.

21.51 IST: 15 more over to go, 2 wickets in hand. Can India somehow draw this game or will England win the series 4-1? We will find out in sometime.

21.49 IST: FOUR! Anderson was millimetres away from topping the list of the pace bowler with most wickets in Test cricket. He lands it around off, Jadeja tries to force it through the off side and steal a single but he gets an inside edge which goes agonizingly close past the off pole and into the fine leg fence.

21.43 IST: OUT! Curran removes Ishant for 5. India are in deep deep trouble. Another one bites the dust. Sharma's persistence comes to an end. It was too good for him. It landed outside off and came in after pitching. He plays for the swing from within his crease but gets a faintest of an edge to the keeper. England just need two more such peaches to make it 4-1. IND 336/8 in 92 overs

21.39 IST: On the pads, RJ misses the flick and gets hit on his pad. A leg bye stolen through the fine leg region.

21.34 IST: FOUR! Swept and swept to the fence. It was a googly on leg which Sharma read perhaps as he swept it through the square leg region for a boundary. His patience is important for India's survival.

21.31 IST: Jaddu takes a couple of steps down the track and across. Anderson digs it in targeting the batsman's rib cage. RJ does well to let it pass.

21.28 IST: Edged and dropped! Bairstow, the culprit. It was difficult though but you expect them to be taken at the International level. A back of a length ball outside off, Jadeja gets tall to defend it but the ball goes off the outside edge, low and left of Bairstow.

21.14 IST: Another length ball outside off, Jadeja again dances down the track but LEAVES the ball. IND 328/7 in 85 overs

21.09 IST: OUT! Moeen removes Rishabh Pant for 114. India have lost their centurions. One shot too many from him. End of the patience stocks perhaps. But before we go further, let's just applaud the calibre, grit and determination he showed on the way to 114, his fist in the Test cricket. He broke a lot of records with his knock. Coming to the ball now - it was wide with a lot of air and revs on it. Pant looks to deposit it into the stands but the bat turns in his hands. As a result, the ball hangs in the air and goes towards Moeen Ali at long off. He stations himself under it and hangs on to it to end Delhi youngster's innings. India is in a lot of trouble now.

 IND 328/7 in 84.1 overs

21.00 IST: And goes for the reverse and again fails to get bat on ball. It hits him on the knee, missing his pad. He looks in some after that. I wonder, does he really have to play so many shots? Strange these youngsters.

* Ravindra Jadeja comes in..

20.55 IST: OUT! Rashid removes KL Rahul for 149. Needed a special delivery to remove a special batsman. What a peach! I'm stunned. It lands way outside leg but in the rough. The ball moves towards the off pole like a vicious snake. Rahul goes back to play it down but misses it altogether. The ball hits the off pole and ends the marathon partnership of 204-runs, best for the 6th wicket and only the second pair to do so in the fourth innings. Kudos to Rashid, Shane Warne's ball of the century has a competitor now. IND 325/6 in 81.1 overs

20.47 IST: Four Byes! 200-run stand is up but not the way they would've liked. Another wild hoick to play the tossed up ball over the cover region. He misses and so does Bairstow and Stokes behind the sticks. It gives a chance for the batsmen to cherish another milestone along with whole of India. This has been a difficult series for the batsman but for the first time, they can have a ball here.

20.42 IST: FOUR! It's Rahul's time to start with the big shots. 2 runs short of 150. IND 320/5 in 78.1 overs

20.40 IST: FOUR! What a shot. The ball is turning quite a lot, but that doesn't stop Pant from having a go. Wide, full, flighted and Pant hammers it up and overs the cover-point area. So, it seems India is going for quick runs before the second new ball. Interesting approach. IND 316/5 in 78 overs

20.39 IST: Defended off the front foot by Rahul presenting the full face of the bat to the off side. The batsmen have run through for a single.

20.35 IST:  Shot and equally well fielded. A full ball on off, Rahul presents the mirror straight willow and gets a sweet connection. It goes back to Anderson is a jiffy who does well to get down and get hand on it in his follow-through to stop it.

20.30 IST: SIX! What a hit! This man oozes aggression and it shows in his batting style. Another tossed up ball from Rashid, this time it's closer to Pant and he launches into it with a straight bat. The ball sails into the second tear of the stands. Intent straightaway from India and Pant. IND 305/5 in 76 overs

20.25 IST: And we're back! The Test cricket is at it's pinnacle at the moment here at The Oval. Both the teams are in with a chance and a draw is still on the cards as well. Let's see how it pans out as Rishabh Pant and KL Rahul are in the middle. Adil Rashid will starts the proceedings post-Tea. Here we go...

20.15 IST: Two youngsters have risen to the occasion here, Kl Rahul and Rishabh Pant. The two have added a mammoth 177-run stand and it has come in quick time. Also, they are not yet finished. The opener will be now eyeing a double hundred whereas the keeper-batsman will look to add as many as possible. Also, if the two just keep batting, you just never know, India might be in for a chance at the end of the day.

20.11 IST: Tea has been called and what a session it has been. Some phenomenal batting by Rahul and Pant, scoring their respective tons. 131 runs in 30 overs, yo do not see that often in a Test match. When India come back, they're going to settle for a draw or go for the kill!!!

20.04 IST: SIX and MAIDEN CENTURY FOR RISHABH PANT! What an innings he has played. Deserves the applause at Oval. Pant hits his first Test century. He gets there in some style. This lad seriously has some guts. Uff! What a knock this has been, yes, there is not a lot of pressure on him in this innings but take nothing away from the knock. It has been full of entertainment, excitement and a complete treat to watch. Even the crowd knows so as they all are on their feet applauding the youngster's effort. He acknowledges the applause by taking his helmet off and raising his bat towards them after absolutely nailing this flighted delivery over the mid-wicket fence with a slog sweep. Well played! However, he need not relax now, he needs to continue and India would love it if he does so in the same manner.  IND 298/5 in 74 overs

20.02 IST: Maiden over by Anderson. Rahul defends as he seems quite tired. He has put on a masterclass and is 9 shy of 150. IND 291/5 in 73 overs

19.58 IST: Good stop! Saves a boundary there Root! Short and outside off, Pant slaps it towards covers, the skipper there makes a good stop.

19.54 IST: SIX! WHAT. A. SHOT! Pant has moved into his 90's.Adil flights this delivery on off, Pant goes down on one knee and tonks it over the long on fence. IND 289/5 in 71.2 overs

19.49 IST: FOUR! Full marks to the bowler but runs to the batsman. Pant moves onto a score which the Australians consider very unlucky. Around off, it straightens a touch. Pant tries to defend but the ball takes the outside edge and goes through gully for a boundary. 182 more needed. IND 281/5 in 70 overs

19.45 IST: BEATEN! Hint of swing there but no edge. On a length and around off, the ball straightens after pitching. Rahul lunges and tries to defend but gets beaten.

19.42 IST: Four byes! India will take every run, irrespective of how they come. On the pads, Rahul fails to flick it. The ball brushes the pads and races fine down the leg side. 150-run stand is up and it is a very entertaining one. They are reviving the hopes in the Indian camp. IND 274/5 in 68.4 overs

19.40 IST: EDGY FOUR! Pant moves into the 80s. Broad bowls the outswinger on off, Pant lunges and tries to block but the ball takes the outside edge and goes down to the third man fence.

* Anderson is brought into the attack

19.36 IST: FOUR! Just over the diving fielder! On the pads, Pant flicks it uppishly, just out of the stretched hand of the fielder at mid-wicket. Raining boundaries off the bat of Pant.  IND 270/5 in 67. 2 overs

19.33 IST: The bowling change almost does the trick! The crowd finally comes to life. Broad straightaway pitches it on the rough. It sticks into the surface and also bounces a touch more. Rahul goes for the drive but the ball hits the higher portion of the bat and balloons towards point but falls short of the fielder there. The batsmen take a run.

* Stuart Broad is back on. After a long, long time.

19.31 IST: FOUR! Pierced the gap to perfection! Well they need something around 5 per over but they already have 8 in this. Short and on middle, Pant goes back and pulls it between fine leg and backward square leg, beating the dive of the fielder in the former position. IND 265/5 in 66.5 overs

19.30 IST: FOUR! This is more of a T20 Pant we are watching and it's a sight for sore eyes in Test cricket. IND 257/5 in 66.2 overs

19.23 IST: 250 up for India. This has been a brilliant performance by Rahul and Pant. The opener had a hundred run partnership with Rahane and now Pant, and he is still going strong. IND 250/5 in 64.4 overs

19.22 IST: That was quick! Very quick on middle, Rahul tries to block but gets it off the inner half to square leg. Good change there by Root, surely surprised us if not the batsman.

19.20 IST: FOUR! Rahul just got to the ball there. Root may have seen Rahul step down the track and he fires it wide outside off. Rahul reaches out for it and smashes it through covers for a boundary. IND 249/5 in 63.5 overs

19.07 IST: On the shorter again, Rahul tries to force it through the off side but gets it off the inner half towards the bowler.

19.09 IST: FOUR! Smashed and what a shot by Pant. That has crossed the boundary ropes like a TRACER BULLET! Joe tosses it up and full, Pant waist for the ball to arrive and cracks this drive through covers for a scintillating boundary. IND 242/5 in 61.3 overs

19.06 IST: Loss of concentration? Joe bowls this full in line with the stumps, Pant from within his crease looks to hoick this one over the mid-wicket region. The ball pitches and turns to get Pant's outside edge. The ball lobs up in the air towards the cover region but luckily for Rishabh and his team, it falls in no mans land.

19.04 IST: FIFTY! Rishabh Pant scores his maiden Test half-century. IND 232/5 in 60.2 overs

19.00 IST: BEATEN! Easy Pant, those shots are not needed. You have gotten yourself onto a start here, should not throw it away. A short ball outside off, Pant goes for a cut but misses.

18.55 IST: Four Byes! Joe fires this one flatter and outside off. Pant plants his front foot across and leaves it. The ball stays very low and Bairstow behind is seen getting down quickly, almost falling down, but cannot stop the ball from races behind him and into the boundary. Four byes result. IND 228/5 in 58 overs

18.55 IST: Beaten! Root fires this one fuller and just outside off, Pant comes forward to block but the ball spins away on landing , beaten his push. The Indian pair have to be careful against the part timer here.

18.50 IST: Root fires this last ball of the over from around the wicket into Rahul's pads, KL flicks it straight to mid-wicket.

* Joe Root is into the attack. Trying everything here is the England skipper.

18.44 IST: FOUR!  SHOT! That's exactly what I heard around me when this young lad played this shot. Stokes fires this one a bit straight in line with the stumps. Pant leans across a bit and flicks it nonchalantly through the mid-wicket region for another cracking boundary. That brings up the 100-run partnership off just 108 balls. This is super stuff from this attacking pair. Are they going for the chase?...Intent?? IND 221/5 in 54.5 overs

18.40 IST: FOUR! Smashed! Pant is in the mood! Fierce square-cut from Pant. Stokes dishes this a bit short and wide of off. Pant unleashes the cut which results in the ball racing across the deep point boundary for a super four. The pair is not afraid to take on the pacer as well. The Indian aggression continues. IND 213/5 in 54 overs

18.38 IST: FOUR! Slow, flighted and full on off. He gets it above the batsman's eye line. But Pant shows his class by coming down the track and crunch this cover drive to the boundary. That was some very good use of the feet there by the Indian keeper-batsman. IND 208/5 in 53.1 overs

18.32 IST: FOUR! Slightly short and Pant pounces on it. 200 up for India. It is a half-tracker outside off, Rishabh punches it through cover-point and the ball races away. IND 203/5 in 52.3 overs

18.23 IST: FOUR! Rashid tosses this one on off, Pant this time cannot resist as he goes up and over the mid off fielder for a boundary. This is good from India, they are showing no signs of nerves and are ready to play their shots. We are in for a interesting and exciting passage of play. IND 189/5 in 48.4 overs

18.20 IST: Rashid fires this a bit straight and the aggressive keeper batsman is on the look out for runs, almost always. He flicks this one through mid-wicket to get a brace.

18.17 IST: FOUR! Fires this a bit quicker outside off, Pant stays back and late cuts it through backward point for a boundary. IND 177/5 in 47 overs

18.13 IST: Starts the session with a slower flighted delivery outside off, Rahul goes back and works it with the spin towards the fine leg region to take a run.

18.08 IST: We are all set for the post-Lunch session to get underway. The umpires along with the English team make their way out. The Indian pair of Lokesh Rahul and Rishabh Pant stride out to the middle with the former taking strike. Can the visitors continue their rearguard action? We will soon find out. Here we go...

17.50 IST: Rahane was looking good as well but he had a tame end to his gutsy innings. After his dismissal, Vihari got a peach from Stokes and he walked back for a duck. After that, Rahul breezed to his fifth Test ton in a matter of minutes. He has stitched a small little stand with Pant. 109 runs came in this session courtesy Rahul and the duo will look to keep on going for the sake of their team.

17.45 IST: Gritty, gutsy, glamorous and feisty! That's how I'd sum up this session. Well, the overcast morning brought a lot of joy for the English bowlers but they had to toil hard in the first hour. The Indian pair of Rahul and Rahane played sensibly to keep the Anderson-Broad pair out. They played and missed a lot but luckily, didn't nick any. After they got settled in, both started to flourish, especially Rahul, who scored at a rate of knots in the latter half.

17.32 IST:  India 292 & 167/5 at Lunch, need 297 runs to win against England (332, 423/8 decl) at The Oval. Rahul 108*, Stokes 1/29

17.30 IST:  Lunges forward and defends the ball pitched outside off. This brings the end of session and Lunch on Day 5.

17.29 IST: Short but not that short for the pull. Pant goes after it and it goes under his willow. Jonny appeals for something but no one else knows what he was appealing for. 

* The last over to be bowled by Rashid before Lunch. 

17.28 IST: SIX! Massive and smashed by Pant. Got two T20 guys at the crease. Block, block, block and a one-handed six to finish the over. That's Rishabh Pant for you. He gets another tossed up ball on off but couldn't resist the temptation. He launches into the ball with one hand coming off the handle but it still sails over the long on fence with a lot of hang time. IND 166/5 in 44 overs

17.26 IST: FOUR! Solid! Short, into the body and pulled to the fine leg fence for another boundary by KL. IND 160/5 in 42.3 overs

17.17 IST: FOUR! KL RAHUL SCORES HIS 5th TEST CENTURY! 5th Test ton for the youngster. He gets a 'hit me' ball outside off on a length and makes some room again to play it through the off side but it goes off the inner half of his bat. KL didn't mind as the ball races away to the long off fence. The 26-year old removes his helmet and has a muted celebration but his teammates in the balcony are applauding his effort with much abuzz. IND 152/5 in 41 overs

17.15 IST: FOUR! Ducked all the short balls in the last over and takes on them this time. A banged in ball in line of the stumps. Rahul swivels and plays it fine to fine leg fence to move to 97. Can he complete the ton in this over itself? IND 148/5 in 40.3 overs

17.14 IST: SIX! Massive and it has travelled the distance. Crazy! Rahul has gone into T20 mode and rightly so. No point getting into a shell and getting the ball with your wicket written on it. Stokes bangs it in again outside off, Rahul goes back to make some and he pulls the trigger. A tennis forehand on this and the ball sails into the crowd at cover region. He gets into 90's now. IND 144/5 in 40.1 overs

17.12 IST: FOUR! Clever, so clever from Rahul. Excellent stuff from Rahul. First the reverse sweep and now the conventional one through the deep square leg region. The ball races to the fence and Rahul running towards his ton in a jiffy.. IND 138/5 in 39.4 overs

17.11 IST: FOUR! Classy shot by Rahul. Rahul and his shots are not stopping. He is playing his natural game and scoring quick runs. He needs them desperately as well. A flighted ball outside off, KL reverse sweeps it through third man area and takes the boundary on offer. IND 133/5 in 39.3 overs

17.05 IST: FOUR! Nice reply from Pant. Moeen drops this one a bit shorter in length. pant quickly rocks back and pulls it through mid-wicket for a handsome boundary.  IND 128/5 in 38 overs

17.03 IST: Beaten! Lovely flight and turn from Moeen. He floats this one full outside off. pant comes forward looking to push at the ball. The ball lands and spins sharply to beat his outside edge. Pant needs to focus here, this is his last opportunity in this tour to prove his mettle.

17.01 IST: LBW appeal turned down. Ali tosses this one outside off. Rahul gets down on one knee, looking to sweep it but misses the bat and gets rapped on the front pad. England appeal but the impact is clearly outside off and the umpire declines the appeal immediately.

16.58 IST: OUT! OUT! Gone! One brings two and Vihari takes the long walk back. He goes for a duck in his second innings. Coming to the ball, it was dug in at pace and climbing onto Vihari. He gets on his toes, tries to get his willow behind the line but the ball flicks his gloves and goes into the mitts of Bairstow. England are celebrating. It could end sooner then they would have hoped for. IND 121/5 in 36.5 overs

16.52 IST: Hanuma Vihari comes in to bat next.

16.51 IST: OUT! Moeen bags Rahane's wicket. This will change the entire game for India! IND 120/4 in 35.3 overs

16.44 IST: FOUR! Paddles and paddles fine. Clever stuff from Rahul. First through the cover region and then to the opposite side. It was pitched on off and he drags it fine with a stretched bat. Curran gives a chase but he couldn't stop it. IND 111/3 in 34 overs

16.41 IST: 100 of the partnership comes up between the duo, a well-deserved and a much, much-needed as well. Tossed up right up there, Rahul waits for it to come and then drives it through covers for a boundary. Rahul is looking good. Can he make it big for his team and stretch this partnership into a double ton?

16.40 IST: FOUR! Short and width on offer and Rahane obliges. He hangs back and punches it through cover-point as the ball races away. The partnership grows to 99 with this shot and the pair is growing in confidence.

16.40 IST: Not Out, impact outside off is the savior here. Looked safe to the naked eye, however a great decision. Ali lands this one a bit shorter than full length, well outside off. Rahul, walks across outside the off stump line, looking to work it into the leg side. The ball lands, keeps very low, spin in sharply and hits Rahul on his front pad. It looks to have hit him outside the line of off but England appeal hard. The umpire gives a gem of a decision but the hosts feel they have a chance to change the decision and they take their second review. Replays roll in and the show that the impact is outside off. England have now lost both their reviews. Good news for India as they fight on.

16.30 IST: Review taken by England. Rahul has been given out LBW. The English team have a chat and signal the 'T' tot take their second review.

16.27 IST: FOUR! Cracking Cover Drive! Is there a more beautiful shot in cricket? Sam dishes this one very full, looking for some swing. Rahane is up for it as he comes forward, crouches a bit and plays a beautiful cover drive with near perfect timing and placement. IND 97/3 in 31 overs

16.17 IST: Sometimes a wonderful shot gets you nothing, this was the case on this delivery. Curran keeps it very full just outside off, maybe looking for some movement. Rahul leans forward and drives it elegantly but straight to the man at covers.

16.14 IST: Beaten! Rahane is lucky again. Ridding their luck are the Indian pair. Curran keeps this fuller around off. The ball, having the original angle on it, moves further away and this beats Rahane's outside edge.


16.10 IST: He survives, to fight another day! Broad lands this one on a good length around off. The ball is moving considerably, both ways. This one lands and comes into Rahane who does well to watchfully block it out. IND 85/3 in 27 overs

16.07 IST: Smashing pull shot for just a single. Broad bangs this one short. Rahul spots it early, rocks back and across, swivel and pulls it hard towards square leg. However, the hosts have kept a fielder at the deep square leg fence who collects and keeps the batsmen for a single. IND 84/3 in 26.2 overs

16.03 IST: Beaten! Peach! Starts a fresh over with a peach. He lands this one a bit short of good length around off. This time the ball hits the deck and seams away from Rahul. KL, looking to keep it out, is beaten but the important thing is that, survives.

15.57 IST: Some visible inward movement again. It's on a good length outside off and curls back in off the seam. Rahul covers the line with a front foot stride and then leaves it. So far so good from him.

15.52 IST: FOUR! A very confident drive off the front foot by KL Rahul. Broad delivers it full and outside off, Rahul leans forward and drives it crisply through the gap at cover-point. Didn't try to hit it hard just placed his shot with sweet timing.

15.47 IST: Broad starts the over with a short of a length ball around off. The ball lands and nips back ever so slightly. Rahul, from the crease, looks to keep it out with the bat coming from a slight angle. The movement takes the inner half of his bat and the ball rolls towards the square leg region for a single.

15.44 IST: A short of a good length out-swinger around off, Rahul waits back. opens the bat face at the last moment and steers this one towards the third man region for yet another single.

15.42 IST: Anderson starts the new over will a fuller length delivery just outside off and with a bit of away shape on it. Rahul leans forward and creams the drive through the cover region. The ball goes to the man at sweeper cover to exchange strike.

15.35 IST: FOUR and a FIFTY! On the last ball of the over Jimmy drifts on Rahul's pads. KL has flicked it beautifully through square leg for a boundary. It brings up his 12th fifty. But the job is half done, or even lesser than half. He needs to carry on and stay there as long as possible.IND 62/3 in 19 overs

15.32 IST: We are all set for play to get underway. The umpires and the home team make their way to the middle. The overnight batsmen Lokesh Rahul and Ajinkya Rahane stride out with the former taking strike. It's going to be James Anderson (23/2) to kickoff proceedings. He has three slips in place.

15.30 IST: And Day 5 resumes. KL Rahul and Ajinkya Rahane take strike and Anderson will start the attack. 406 runs to win.. Let's get started.

15.00 IST: PITCH REPORT - Sanjay Manjrekar from beside the pitch starts by saying that there is no possibility of rain today. Adds further that the pitch is still good enough for batting. Reckons that the three Indian wickets that fell yesterday evening had nothing to do with the pitch. States that even though there are some rough patches, the pitch is still good enough to survive. Ends by saying that more than the condition of the pitch, it is more about how strongly do the Indian batsmen want to save the match.

14.00 IST: Hello and welcome to our Live Coverage of the fifth and final day of the last Test match between India and England at the Oval. Stay tuned to get all the action.

Brief Day 4 Report: 

India stared at an embarrassing defeat after Alastair Cook's fairytale farewell knock and Joe Root's classy hundred enabled England to pile more misery on the visitors during the penultimate day of the fifth Test. 

Cook made dogged 147 off 286 balls in his final knock while skipper Root roared back to form with a stylish 125, his first hundred in 28 innings, as the duo pummeled the Indian bowling into submission with 259-run stand.

Courtesy the twin hundreds by the former and current skipper, England declared their second innings on 423/8 with a massive target of 464 for the Indians.

Deflated after fielding for over 112 overs, India's wobbly top-order once again faltered with Shikhar Dhawan (1), Cheteshwar Pujara (0) and Virat Kohli (0) dismissed in quick succession with day end score being 58 for 3.

With 406 runs required on the final day and seven wickets in hand, an embarrassing 1-4 series defeat looks imminent for India as of now. (Read Full Day 4 Report)


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