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MOMENT: Massive earthquake rocks multiple landmarks in Taiwan I VIDEO

Government statistics showed 736 people were injured and 77 stranded. The quake and aftershocks also caused 24 landslides and damage to 35 roads, bridges and tunnels.

Ajeet Kumar Edited By: Ajeet Kumar @Ajeet1994 Taipei Published on: April 03, 2024 14:47 IST

Taipei: Taiwan’s strongest earthquake in a quarter century rocked the island during the morning rush hour Wednesday, damaging buildings and highways and leaving seven people dead.  Live camera footage captured the moment a 7-2 magnitude rocked Taoyuan city on Wednesday (April 3) when the strongest tremor in at least 25 years hit Taiwan.

Videos streamed by the Taoyuan Scenic Area Service Agency on its social media account showed trees and suspension lines on a bridge shaking as the quake hit. Taiwan's government said dozens of buildings collapsed and four people died in the mountainous, sparsely populated eastern county of Hualien near where the epicentre was, with more than 50 injured. Aftershocks could still be felt in Taipei, with more than 50 aftershocks registered, according to Taiwan's central weather administration.

VIDEO: MOMENT: Massive quake rocks Taoyuan landmarks in Taiwan

Chinese state media said the quake was felt in China's Fujian province, while a Reuters witness said it was also felt in Shanghai. Authorities said they had expected a relatively mild quake of magnitude 4 and accordingly did not send out alerts. Still, the earthquake was strong enough to scare people who are used to such shaking.

“Earthquakes are a common occurrence, and I’ve grown accustomed to them. But today was the first time I was scared to tears by an earthquake,” said Hsien-Hsien Keng, a resident who lives in a fifth-floor apartment in Taipei. ”I was awakened by the earthquake. I had never felt such intense shaking before.”

Television images showed neighbours and rescue workers lifting residents, including a toddler, through windows and onto the street. All appeared mobile, in shock but without serious injuries. Doors had been fused shut by the pressure of the tilt.

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