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Ghaziabad: Driver takes man clinging on car bonnet for a ride, video goes viral

No this is not an aircraft and we don't know if the person had asked any questions about IAF airstrike, but the video clearly shows how a mad driver takes a man clinging on his car bonnet for a ride. The incident happened in Ghaziabad and appears to be a clear case of road rage.

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New Delhi Updated on: March 07, 2019 14:06 IST
Image Source : SCREEN GRAB/ANI


In a video that is going viral, a man driving a white hatchback is seen dragging another man clinging to his car bonnet for almost two kilometres in busy Ghaziabad traffic on Wednesday. The video clearly shows how the driver kept increasing the speed of his car despite onlookers waving at him.

In the video, the driver can be seen following a zig-zag manoeuvre which looks like an attempt to bring down the man. But fortunately, the man on the receiving end manages to hold on to the bonnet thereby saving himself in what could have been a fatal injury.

Watch the video: 

When the car finally stopped, the daily commuters encircled the vehicle. However, the driver refused to come out of the white hatchback.  The driver was later arrested by Police. By the time of writing this report, the cause of road rage was not known. The incident was reported on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Ghaziabad MP General VK Singh on Wednesday said those questioning the Balakot airstrike and asking for casualty figures should be "tied at the bottom of the aircraft and taken along."


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