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Mizoram Exit Poll 2023: Zoramthanga's MNF likely to emerge as single largest party, predicts India TV-CNX

India TV-CNX Exit Poll indicates that Zoramthanga's Mizo National Front (MNF) is poised to become the single largest party in the upcoming Mizoram Assembly Election. The survey suggests significant seat gains for MNF, positioning it ahead of other political contenders.

Nitin Kumar Edited By: Nitin Kumar @Niitz1 Aizawl Updated on: November 30, 2023 23:38 IST
Mizoram Exit Poll Results 2023
Image Source : PTI Mizoram Chief Minister Zoramthanga during a meeting in New Delhi.

Mizoram Exit Poll Results 2023: The latest exit poll conducted by India TV-CNX reveals that Zoramthanga's Mizo National Front (MNF) is poised to emerge as the single largest party in the Mizoram Assembly Election. The survey suggests that MNF is likely to secure a significant number of seats, positioning itself ahead of other political contenders in the state. According to India TV-CNX exit poll, MNF may win 14-18, while ZPM 12-16. The Congress is likely to win 8-10 seats, BJP 0-2.

Mizoram Election Coverage

Zoramthanga, who has been serving as the Chief Minister of Mizoram since the 2018 Assembly Elections, is the key figure leading the MNF. The party had clinched victory in the previous elections by securing 27 seats, forming the government. The current exit poll indicates a favorable outcome for MNF, positioning it as the frontrunner in the electoral race.

The principal political parties in Mizoram are the Mizo National Front (MNF), Indian National Congress (INC), Zoram People's Movement (ZPM), Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), and National People's Party (NPP). Since 2018, Zoramthanga has served as the Chief Minister of Mizoram. The MNF formed the government in 2018 after winning 26 seats in the Mizoram Assembly Elections. The ZPM and the Congress won 8 and 5 seats, respectively. The BJP won a lone seat of Tuichawng. In Mizoram, out of the 40 Assembly seats, 39 are set aside for Scheduled Tribes (STs). The term of the present Mizoram Assembly is from December 18, 2018 to December 17, 2023. In Mizoram, there are 4,973 service voters and 8,51,895 general voters. Thus, there are 8,56,868 electors in total, according to electoral rolls. Election Coverage

Key candidates in Mizoram

The main candidates in the fray for the upcoming Mizoram Assembly Election are Chief Minister Zoramthanga (MNF) from Aizawl East-I, Deputy Chief Minister Tawnluia (MNF) from Tuichang, state Congress chief Lalsawta from Aizawl West-III, Lalduhoma (ZPM) from Serchhip, state Cabinet Minister C Lalrinsanga (MNF) from Lunglei West, Robert Romawia Royte (MNF) from Hachhek, Vanlalsailova (BJP) from Dampa, Zodintluanga Ralte (Congress) from Thorang, Cabinet Minister R Lalthangliana (MNF) from South Tuipui, Nihar Kanti Chakma (Congress) from West Tuipui, Lalrinliana Sailo (BJP) from Mamit, and H Biakzaua (MNF) from Lawngtlai East. The ruling MNF, the Congress, and the ZPM are contesting all 40 seats, while the BJP is fighting only 23 seats this time. 

List of constituencies in Mizoram

There are 40 Assembly seats in Mizoram: Hachhek, Dampa, Mamit, Tuirial, Kolasib, Serlui, Tuivawl, Chalfilh, Tawi, Aizawl North-I, Aizawl North-II, Aizawl North-III, Aizawl East-I, Aizawl East-II, Aizawl West-I, Aizawl West-II, Aizawl West-III, Aizawl South-I, Aizawl South-II, Aizawl South-III, Lengteng, Tuichang, Champhai North, Champhai South, East Tuipui, Serchhip, Tuikum, Hrangturzo, South Tuipui, Lunglei North, Lunglei East, Lunglei West, Lunglei South, Thorang, West Tuipui, Tuichawng, Lawngtlai West, Lawngtlai East, Saiha and Palak. Only Aizawl East-I is reserved for the general category.

Mizoram Assembly Election Results 2018

Total Seats: 40 (Majority: 21)

Seat Share

  • MNF: 27
  • Congress: 04
  • BJP: 01
  • Independents: 08

Mizoram Assembly Election Results 2018:

Total Seats: 40 (Majority: 21)

Vote Share:

  • MNF: 37.70%
  • Congress: 29.98%
  • BJP: 8.09%
  • Independents: 22.94%



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