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Five discussions you should NEVER have by text, according to a therapist

A healthy relationship depends on healthy communication. A therapist shares five discussions that should take place in person rather than through text.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: February 28, 2023 16:56 IST
Five discussions you should never have by text
Image Source : FREEPIK Five discussions you should never have by text, according to a therapist

Communication is the most crucial facet of a healthy relationship. Although we have access to connectivity around-the-clock, discussions have not gotten much simpler. As the saying goes, "lost in translation," words can frequently be misunderstood. When not done face-to-face, our emotions and phrases occasionally lose their charm and their true purpose. In-person discussions might be unnerving at times, but they have a certain emotional connection that is lost when the same interaction takes place over text. 

Psychotherapist Emily H. Sanders claims, "Face-to-face interactions can need a lot of courage, but it's also where closeness and vulnerability are typically established." Avoiding text-based arguments and just sending messages of love are extremely vital in romantic relationships. Emily encouraged people to develop the courage to tolerate face-to-face interactions and listed five conversational situations in which texting should be avoided. The following five discussions must never be handled via text: The therapist explains.

Apology: No matter how dramatic it becomes, we should never apologise via text. It is preferable to give the other person enough time and space before speaking with them about it.

Insults: When people are angry, upset, or irritated, they have a tendency to text rudely or say hurtful things. Also, this can destroy a relationship. Putting the argument on hold and returning to it calmly later is crucial.

Secrets: When revealing secrets, making confessions, or stating facts, it is advisable to do so in private during face-to-face interactions. SMS messages can occasionally be read by recipients who weren't supposed to see them.

Frustration: It is best to meet with someone in person when we need to unload before. When expressed through text, our emotions and frustrations can fail to be understood.

Arguments: According to Emily, "if you and your partner often argue over text, consulting a therapist immediately is the right thing to do." "The couple's therapy helps open up more lines of communication and assists both parties in being able to accept and produce healthy confrontation."

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