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Anti-Week Valentine's 2023 Breakup Day: How to commit a respectful breakup

Breakup Day is the perfect time to break the cuffs and choose peace. Here are some tips on how to break up respectfully with the person you once loved.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: February 21, 2023 16:47 IST
Anti-Week Valentine's
Image Source : FREEPIK Anti-Week Valentine's 2023 Breakup Day: how to commit a respectful breakup

Anti-Valentine Week ends with breakup day falling on February 21 and calls for couples who want a breakup. It is an opportunity to end a toxic relationship and choose freedom. However, it is difficult to break up, especially when you are the one making the decision. It can be challenging to look another person in the face and express that you intend to break the connection. 

So, here are some suggestions for respectfully ending a relationship with your partner. Author Devina Kaur of "Too Big, Too Loud, Too Ambitious" shares the following tips on how to end a relationship respectfully.

Know the reasons for the breakup- Respecting yourself, not emotions is key to staying cool throughout the breakup conversation. Be aware of why you want to terminate the relationship and be firm in your stance to do so, rather than letting emotion dictate your thoughts. 

Breaking up is hurtful- Despite having a long history of dating, there is a chance that whatever you say will make them feel hurt. Recognize that if a relationship isn't working, breaking up is the need of the hour.

Letting go- It is a wise yet tough choice to end a relationship that is not advancing your spiritual, emotional, and material development. Let them go as respect for others and kindness leads to more self-esteem.

Furthermore, Hitesh Chakraworty, a spiritual healer, relationship expert, and founder of ISSAR, suggests: 

Express what your heart desires- Expressing your feelings during the breakup period will help you and your partner in future relationships.

Discuss in private- The "private matter" of breaking up with a lover should not turn into a joke or topic of gossip. Avoid having conversations with someone in public. Take your final call in private without including any third parties.  

End things on a happy note- Choose your best words for the last and wish them good luck on their journey. Respect and love are essential for a successful relationship, especially during the breakup process. 


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