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When is National Science Day 2024? Know date, history, significance and more

Celebrated on February 28th, National Science Day honours Sir C.V. Raman's discovery and emphasises the significance of science in India's progress.

Rahul Pratyush Written By: Rahul Pratyush New Delhi Published on: February 28, 2024 7:06 IST
National Science Day 2024
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National Science Day, celebrated annually on February 28th, commemorates the profound discovery of the Raman Effect by Sir C.V. Raman. This day serves as a powerful reminder of India's rich scientific legacy and aims to inspire curiosity and innovation. It's a platform to showcase scientific advancements, spark public interest in science, and nurture the next generation of brilliant minds who will shape our future.

National Science Day 2024: Date

Every year, National Science Day is observed on February 28. This year, the special day falls on a Wednesday.

National Science Day 2024: History

National Science Day commemorates the groundbreaking discovery of the Raman Effect by one of India's greatest scientists, Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman (Sir C.V. Raman). On February 28th, 1928, his discovery revolutionised the field of physics. The Raman Effect describes the change in the wavelength of light when it deflects off a molecule. Sir C.V. Raman's brilliance was recognised internationally when he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1930 for this discovery.

The Indian government was presented with a proposal by the National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) in 1986 to declare February 28th as National Science Day. This proposal sought to both recognise Sir C.V. Raman's achievement and inspire a passion for scientific inquiry throughout the nation.

National Science Day 2024: Theme

Each year, a specific theme gives focus to National Science Day. These themes raise awareness of critical areas of scientific endeavour and highlight India's progress in those fields. The theme for National Science Day 2024 is "Indigenous Technologies for Viksit Bharat." This theme champions the development and use of homegrown technologies to address challenges and build a self-reliant India.

National Science Day 2024: Significance

National Science Day holds immense importance in India. It highlights the transformative power of science in shaping our daily lives, from the devices we use to the breakthroughs that improve our world. The day celebrates Indian scientific achievements, promotes scientific literacy amongst the public, and encourages young people to pursue careers in the field. Ultimately, it emphasises the vital role science plays in driving progress and fostering a brighter future.

National Science Day 2024: Quotes by CV Raman

"I am the master of my failure. If I never fail, how will I ever learn?"

"Success can come to you by courageous devotion to the task lying in front of you."

"If someone judges you, they are wasting space in their mind. Best part, it’s their problem."

"The essence of the scientific spirit is to realise what a wonderful world it is that we live in."

"The essence of Science is independent thinking, hard work, and not equipment. When I got my Nobel Prize, I had spent hardly 200 rupees on my equipment."


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