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  • Coronavirus outbreak has delayed NASA's ambitious Back to Moon mission 2024 programme.

    NASA's 2024 moon mission delayed due to Coronavirus outbreak

    March 20, 2020 11:28 IST

    NASA's ambitious 2024 return-to-moon mission has been delayed due to the global coronavirus outbreak. According to a Reuters report, NASA's Administrator Jim Bridenstine said the National Aeronautics Space Agency (NASA) was shutting down the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans and the Stennis Space Center in nearby Hancock County, Mississippi, due to a rise in coronavirus cases in the region. NASA chief on Thursday ordered the temporary closure of two rocket production facilities after an employee tested positive for the respiratory illness, Reuters reported. 

  • 'Hubble bubble' hypothesis reveals mystery of universe's expansion

    'Hubble bubble' hypothesis reveals mystery of universe's expansion

    March 11, 2020 9:27 IST

    A hypothesis by a theoretical physicist from the University of Geneva (UNIGE) states that "the earth, solar system, entire Milky Way and the few thousand galaxies closest to us move in a vast “bubble” that is 250 million light years in diameter, where the average density of matter is half as large as for the rest of the universe."

  • Asteroid to make a pass by earth

    Asteroid alert! Giant orb set to make a pass by earth

    March 07, 2020 14:40 IST

    As the whole world buckled under the strain of Coronavirus, an asteroid up to 2.5 miles wide is set to pass by the Earth next month, though it'll miss by a wide margin of about 4 million miles.   


    NASA's Curiosity Rover captures high-resolution images of Mars

    March 06, 2020 11:02 IST

    The rover's Mast Camera, or Mastcam, relied on its medium-angle lens to also produce a lower-resolution, nearly 650-million-pixel panorama that includes the rover's deck and robotic arm.

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    NASA's next Mars rover officially named 'Perseverance'

    March 06, 2020 8:09 IST

    Perseverance is the latest in a long line of Red Planet rovers to be named by school-age children, from Sojourner in 1997 to the Spirit and Opportunity rovers, which landed on Mars in 2004, to Curiosity, which has been exploring Mars since 2012.

  • US researchers develop new explanation for destructive quake

    New explanation for destructive earthquakes developed

    March 04, 2020 7:36 IST

    Drawing from mathematical models that describe the collisions of rocks during landslides and other debris flows, the researchers developed a model that predicts the potential effects of rock collisions in fault zones.

  • NASA accepting applications for aspiring Moon explorers

    NASA accepting applications for aspiring Moon explorers

    March 03, 2020 21:05 IST

    As NASA prepares to send the first woman and next man to the Moon with the Artemis programme, the agency, for the first time in more than four years, has begun accepting applications for future astronauts.

  • CBSE Class 10 Science Board Exam 2020: Tips to score good marks

    CBSE Class 10 Science Board Exam 2020: Last-minute tips to score good marks

    High Schools | March 04, 2020 10:25 IST

    CBSE Class 10 Board Science Exam Tips: The CBSE Class 10 Science exam paper is divided into two parts – theory exam of 80 marks and internal assessment of 20 marks. With good preparation of the paper, students can definitely have an edge. The CBSE 10th Board Science Exam 2020 is scheduled to be held on March 04, 2020.

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    Cotton candy-like planets may actually have rings

    March 03, 2020 10:45 IST

    In our own solar system, all of the gas and ice giant planets have rings, with the most well-known example being the majestic rings of Saturn. But it has been difficult for astronomers to discover ringed planets orbiting distant stars.

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    Milky Way's warp caused by galactic collision

    March 03, 2020 10:25 IST

    With its unique survey of more than one billion stars in our galaxy, Gaia might hold the key to solving this mystery. A team of scientists using data from the second Gaia data release has now confirmed previous hints that this warp is not static but changes its orientation over time.

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    Australian summers now twice as long as winters due to global warming

    March 02, 2020 10:23 IST

    According to the study, global warming is the reason for the long summers, and extreme temperatures make it more dangerous, and vulnerable to natural disasters such as the bushfires that devastated much of the country since they erupted last September.

  • Pune telescope helps detect biggest explosion since Big Bang

    Pune telescope helps detect biggest explosion since Big Bang

    February 28, 2020 17:04 IST

    The blast, which released five times more energy than the previous record holder, came from a supermassive black hole at the centre of a galaxy hundreds of millions of light-years away.

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    Researchers discover 17 new planets, including one Earth-sized world

    February 28, 2020 12:39 IST

    Of the other 16 new planets discovered, the smallest is only two-thirds the size of Earth - one of the smallest planets to be found with Kepler so far. The rest range in size up to eight times the size of Earth, the study said.

  • Biggest explosion in universe came from black hole

    Biggest explosion in universe came from black hole

    February 28, 2020 7:21 IST

    The first hint of this giant explosion actually came in 2016. Chandra images of the Ophiuchus galaxy cluster revealed an unusual curved edge, but scientists ruled out an eruption given the amount of energy that would have been needed to carve out such a large cavity in the gas.

  • nasa news, nasa news today, nasa breaking news today, nasa breaking news 2020, NASA says final Orion

    NASA Orion successfully tests critical launch abort system

    February 27, 2020 12:27 IST

    National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) on Thursday took to Twitter to announce that the final test of the Orion spacecraft’s attitude control motor (ACM) has been successful. NASA revealed that when the astronauts blast off for their voyage to the Moon on the Orion spacecraft during Artemis missions, they will have protection in the form of the launch abort system (LAS).

  • Earth has a new mini-moon

    Earth has a new mini-moon; and it's there since 3 years

    February 27, 2020 11:22 IST

    Our new moon is probably between 1.9 and 3.5 metres across, or roughly the size of a car, making it no match for Earth’s primary moon. It circles our planet about once every 47 days on a wide, oval-shaped orbit that mostly swoops far outside the larger moon’s path.

  • Science News: Parasite, Henneguya salminicola, lives without oxygen

    Scientists find animal that doesn't breathe oxygen | Video

    February 27, 2020 13:52 IST

    A new discovery of an 'alien like' marine animal has left scientists baffled. As per reports, the new parasite that has been discovered by marine biologists does not breathe oxygen. Henneguya Salminicola, the tiny organism that resembles sperm cells, reportedly has two tails and 'alien like eyes'. All this is only visible under a microscope as the organism is very small, reports Live Science.

  • science news

    NASA's InSight lander helps decode Martian weather

    February 25, 2020 13:07 IST

    InSight's onboard equipments included a seismometer for detecting Mars' quakes, sensors for gauging wind and air pressure, a magnetometer for measuring the planet's magnetic forces, and a probe designed to take the planet's temperature, the American space agency had said in a statement.

  • How newborn stars prepare for birth of planets

    How newborn stars prepare for birth of planets

    February 21, 2020 7:24 IST

    Astronomers want to know exactly when these disks start to form, and what they look like. But young stars are very faint, and there are dense clouds of dust and gas surrounding them in stellar nurseries. 

  • Key NASA science, cargo head to space station

    Key NASA science, cargo head to space station

    February 16, 2020 21:54 IST

    A Northrop Grumman rocket carrying the Cygnus resupply spacecraft has been successfully launched from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia in the US.

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