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Wanna overcome your Singledom?

New Delhi: The dating game can be a tricky one and if you're single, I'm sure you've asked yourself more than once: “Why me?” The reasons could be many like your dating style, your attitude

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Updated on: November 21, 2012 13:50 IST

You are oversharing too fast

Sure, you like that person and want him/her to know everything about you – including the serious stuff – like business failure, health related problems, your fears, your addiction, or your must-have lists. Making a full disclosure within first few meetings can be disastrous since you are not aware how the other person takes up the facts that you honestly shared. Remember, less history equals more mystery. The right approach is to be a good listener first and finding all about your date, rather than filling your dating partner heart with horror stories. Before giving someone your personal information, give them time to prove their trustworthiness. It is perfect if everything is not in the perfect place where you wanted them to be, but the list you'd want is the other person being regretful with you in your life journey. It is also not advisable to share your familial skeletons in the closet. Also, be honest and truthful about who you are, as you want your date to fall in love with you as you really are. Not some amped up version.