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Surya Puja: What is the right time to worship Sun? Know its religious and scientific importance

Although the Sun should be worshiped daily but Sunday is a special day. Apart from this, there is a fixed time for worshiping the Sun and offering water in it is beneficial only. Know the right time and importance of Surya Puja

Sakshi Verma Written By: Sakshi Verma New Delhi Published on: December 03, 2023 6:30 IST
What is the right time to worship Sun?
Image Source : FREEPIK What is the right time to worship Sun?

Sun has enjoyed the status of a deity since mythological times. Among the Panchadevas, Surya is the only God who is directly visible. It is said that those who offer water to the Sun God every day attain fame, virtue, happiness, good fortune, and prestige. In the Hindu religion, the beginning of the fast is also related to sunrise. There is a regular time to offer water to the Sun and only then this puja becomes fruitful. Let us know what is the right time to worship the Sun, and know the religious and scientific importance of worshiping the Sun God in winter.

The right time to offer water to Sun

According to Rig Veda, Arghya should be offered within 1 hour of sunrise, because during this time the Sun God is in a cool nature. At this time, the sun's rays liberate the seeker from diseases, and along with this he also gets success in work, an increase in self-confidence, and blessings of the king. When the sunlight is strong or starts stinging then there is no benefit in giving water, worship also does not give any result.

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Religious significance of Surya Puja

According to astrology, the Sun God is considered the king of all other planets. It can be seen from ancient times that not only humans but also gods used to start their daily routine only after worshiping the Sun. Before going to Lanka, Lord Shri Ram had also worshiped the Sun by offering water, in the Bhavishya Purana, Shri Krishna explained the importance of Sun worship to his son. Shri Krishna's son Samb was also able to cure leprosy only by worshiping the Sun. Many sages have attained divine knowledge through Surya worship.

The scientific importance of sun worship

In winter, the Sun God provides relief from the cold by shining with eleven thousand rays. In such a situation, worshiping the Sun God during this period provides religious benefits as well as health benefits. Due to the cold in the winter season, there is a deficiency of Vitamin D in the body, which we get from the sun's rays. In such a situation, when its rays fall on the body during Surya Puja, the risk of skin diseases is also reduced and Vitamin D deficiency also gets compensated and digestive power also increases.


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