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Lunar Eclipse 2022's effect on pregnancy: Is Chandra Grahan harmful for pregnant women? Know dos & don'ts

Lunar Eclipse 2022's effect on pregnancy: The duration of Chandra Grahan is said to be inauspicious. It is believed that Lunar Eclipse can have a negative impact on pregnancy and hence pregnant women should be cautious during this time. Here are some dos and don'ts that they should keep in mind.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: November 08, 2022 12:18 IST
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Lunar Eclipse 2022: The last lunar eclipse or Chandra Grahan of the year 2022 is today. It will be a total lunar eclipse and will be visible in some parts of India. The Earth will come between the Sun and Moon and the blue planet's monstrous shadow will shroud its small natural satellite. The lunar eclipse will be seen in totality in the northeastern states, but shall be only partially visible in the rest of India in the evening as the sun sets. 

Dos and don'ts for pregnant women during the lunar eclipse 

  • Pregnant women should take special care of themselves during this time. They should not do any kind of work.
  • It is advised that they should take a kush (halfa grass) equal to their length. If kush is not available, then take a straight stick and make it stand in the corner. With this, if she wants to sit or lie down in the eclipse, she will be able to lie down.
  • Along with pregnant women, other people should also not thread the needle.
  • While there is no scientific backing to this, one should not go out of the house, as the light of the eclipse is not good for the health of the child.  
  • Nothing should be cut, peeled, splashed or exposed during the eclipse.
  • During the eclipse, a lot of negativity spreads all around, so wash and put Kush or Tulsi leaves or Doob in all the water pots, milk and curd in the house and after the eclipse is over, the Doob should be removed and thrown away.
  • During this, the temple of God should be covered even in the house. 
  • When the eclipse starts, take out some grains and any old worn cloth and keep it aside and when the eclipse ends then donate that cloth and grain with respect to a cleaning worker. This will give you auspicious results.
  • One should take a bath even during the Sutak and it is necessary to take a bath even when the eclipse is removed.
  • No kitchen related work should be done during the eclipse. Along with this, eating anything should be avoided. 

The northeastern parts of India like Kohima, Agartala, Guwahati and other regions in the world will witness it in totality on Tuesday, the final eclipse of 2022. As the Moon will be below the horizon during the eclipse hours, most other parts of India will miss the exciting starting phases of both the partial and total eclipse. Kolkata, New Delhi, Chennai along with Mumbai, can witness only the partial phase, and in the country's commercial capital barely 14 per cent of the Moon's obscuration can be viewed at 18.03 hours in the setting sun.

However, the Moon will be seen 60 per cent covered in Nagpur, 66 per cent in Srinagar and in varying degrees in other cities

Disclaimer- This article is based on general public information and proverbs. India TV does not confirm its veracity. 

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