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Chhath Puja 2023 Day 3: Know the time and mantra of sunset

Today, on the third day of Chhath Puja, the first Arghya will be offered to the sun. Moreover, the setting sun is also worshiped on this day.

Sakshi Verma Written By: Sakshi Verma New Delhi Published on: November 19, 2023 6:46 IST
Chhath Puja Day 3
Image Source : SOCIAL Chhath Puja Day 3

Chhath Puja 2023 Day 3: Today is the third day of the great festival Chhath and every ghat will echo with similar devotional songs. Today the first Arghya (water) will be offered to Lord Sun. Today, people will reach the ghats built on the banks of rivers, ponds, lakes, etc. with Chhath daala, where the fasting women will offer the first Arghya with full devotion at sunset. Standing in the water, the devotees offer water to the Sun God with thekua, sugarcane, and other prasad materials and pray for the happiness and prosperity of the family along with the long life of their children.

Chhath 2023 Day 3 puja vidhi

  • Offer first Arghya to Sun God with this method
  • Before going to the ghat on the third day of Chhath fast, decorate the bamboo dala nicely.
  • Keep all the fruits, prasad and other puja materials in the dala.
  • Keep all the offerings in the soup and light the lamp in the soup itself.
  • After this, a member of the family should carry the Daala on his head to the pond or river i.e. ghat.
  • Then after reaching the ghat, put it on the river bank and keep the sugarcane properly.
  • Fasting women should wear only cotton saree and men should worship Chhath only by wearing dhoti.
  • Enter the fasting water at the time of sunset.
  • Then offer Arghya to the Sun God and pray for the well-being of the family.
  • Make sure to touch puja items like dal, soup etc. with water.

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Chant these Surya Mantras on the day of Chhath Puja

Om Mitray Namah:

Om Ravye Namah
Om Surya Namah:
Om Adityaya Namah:
Om Savitre Namah:
Om Bhaskaray Namah:
Om Shri Savitri Suryanarayanay Namah:
Om Surya Namah:
Om Bhaskaray Namah:

November 19, 2023 sunset time

On Sunday, November 19, the fasting women will offer the first Arghya to the Sun God. There is a tradition of worshiping the setting sun on the third day of Chhath Puja. In such a situation, let us tell you that the time of sunset on Sunday will be 5.25 pm.


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