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Chaitra Navratri 2024: 9 auspicious colours of the festival and its significance

Explore the vibrant hues of Chaitra Navratri 2024 with 9 auspicious colors symbolising divine energies and representing each day's significance. Immerse in this sacred festival celebrating the triumph of good over evil and spiritual renewal.

Written By: Muskan Gupta @guptamuskan_ New Delhi Published on: April 07, 2024 18:34 IST
Chaitra Navratri 2024
Image Source : GOOGLE Chaitra Navratri 2024: 9 auspicious colours of the festival

Chaitra Navratri, a nine-day Hindu festival, marks the beginning of the Hindu New Year and celebrates the power of Goddess Durga. It is observed in the Hindu calendar month of Chaitra, usually falling in March or April according to the Gregorian calendar. This year, Chaitra Navratri starts from April 9 and holds special significance as it brings with it a sense of renewal, hope, and devotion.

One of the unique aspects of Chaitra Navratri is the emphasis on wearing specific colours each day of the festival. These auspicious colours not only add vibrancy to the festivities but also carry profound spiritual meanings. By wearing these colours, devotees immerse themselves in the divine energy of Goddess Durga, seeking her blessings for prosperity, happiness, and spiritual growth. As we celebrate Chaitra Navratri 2024, let us know the significance of each colour and its associated day.

  • Day 1 - Yellow: On the first day, devotees adorn themselves in yellow attire to signify happiness, optimism, and enlightenment. Yellow represents the colour of new beginnings and the brilliance of the sun.
  • Day 2 - Green: Green symbolises growth, harmony, and prosperity. It reflects the lushness of nature and the abundance that Goddess Brahmacharini, the embodiment of peace and prosperity, brings into our lives.
  • Day 3 - Grey: Grey is worn on the third day to represent the strength and determination required to overcome obstacles. It signifies the power of Goddess Chandraghanta, who is fierce yet compassionate in her resolve to protect her devotees.
  • Day 4 - Orange: Orange is the colour of energy, enthusiasm, and creativity. It embodies the vibrancy and vitality associated with Goddess Kushmanda, the creator of the universe and the source of all energy.
  • Day 5 - White: White symbolises purity, peace, and serenity. It reflects the divine grace of Goddess Skandamata, the mother of Lord Kartikeya, who bestows motherly love and protection upon her devotees.
  • Day 6 - Red: Red represents passion, power, and action. It signifies the ferocity and courage of Goddess Katyayani, who destroys evil forces and instills righteousness in her devotees.
  • Day 7 - Royal Blue: Royal blue exudes calmness, wisdom, and depth. It reflects the divine aura of Goddess Kalratri, who annihilates ignorance and darkness, leading her devotees towards enlightenment.
  • Day 8 - Pink: Pink symbolises love, compassion, and purity of heart. It signifies the nurturing and caring nature of Goddess Mahagauri, who showers her devotees with unconditional love and blessings.
  • Day 9 - Purple: Purple is the colour of spirituality, mysticism, and transformation. It represents the transcendental power of Goddess Siddhidatri, who grants divine knowledge and enlightenment to her devotees.

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