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Switch to these 5 habits for better lifestyle and longer life

In order to live a healthy lifestyle, choose these five habits in your daily life.

Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: October 13, 2018 16:15 IST ]

Switch to these 5 habits for better lifestyle and longer life

Lifestyle isn't about living in style, it's all about getting into the right environment for growth.

Exercising is the key

Be it swimming, jogging, weight lifting, or playing sports, physical activities are important to keep oneself fit. If nothing bigger, you can by evening walks in a park with your partner.

Healthy diet is important

One very important thing to do in order to live a healthy lifestyle is healthy diet. Include leafy green vegetables, legumes, wholegrains, lean red meat and seafood in your meal. These food items provide nutrients and contain magnesium, folate, zinc and essential fatty acids for better cognition.

Take a break from routine

As traveling is said to be the perfect thing to do for relieving stress, we should always take a break once in a while from our life's rising clamour. Face the shining sun to feel happy, because it is said that adequate exposure to sunshine can help in maintaining good mood.

Getting enough sleeping hours

Sleep hygiene techniques aim to improve sleep quality and help treat insomnia. Though some people are genetically wired towards being more of a morning or evening person, so it’s important not to force sleep. 

Quit smoking and drinking

Going by the facts, it is said that a little alcohol consumption may have beneficial effects on preventing depression. But contradictory to this, others say that light alcohol consumption does not provide any beneficial effects on brain function. So, managing problem-drinking or substance misuse is an obvious health recommendation.

Tip: Also, quit smoking as it is associated with better mood and reduced stress.

So, opt for these five lifestyle habits and live the life at its fullest!

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