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Happy Feasting! Here's how to prepare Sabudana Khichdi for Navratri vrats

Prohibiting grains during Navratari provide soothing effect to our body and digestive system.

Shalu Singh Written by: Shalu Singh New Delhi Updated on: September 23, 2017 18:09 IST
Sabudana khichdi recipe
Sabudana khichdi recipe

Nights have become slightly chilling and this symbolises that Navratri has arrived. During Navratri, nine manifestations of Goddess Durga are worshipped on each auspicious day. Goddess Shakti who is known to destroy evil powers and forces descents and stays on earth during these nine days. Hindu devotees across India religiously fast to express their gratitude to the Goddess and have their prayers answered. Fasting can be tough as many survive only on fruits while some give up onion, garlic, salt, non-vegetarian food, alcohol and grains. We are so addicted to these food ingredients in our lives that it becomes painful for some to spend their days sans these. It is suggested to have light and nutritious foods items, seasonal vegetables, etc during vrats. While fasting norms ask to abstain from consumption of few food items, there also lies a scientific and ayurvedic reason behind it. As onion, garlic generate heat in our bodies, hence, it is recommended to stay away from it. Prohibiting grains during Navratari provide soothing effect to our body and digestive system. The fast enables us to cleanse our body and soul equally. 

However, there are some lip smacking recipes which are widely popular during this festive season. Among them is the sabudana khichdi which is consumed during vrats. Here we will tell you how to prepare delicious yet healthy sabudana khichdi.


Sabudana or Tapioca pearl

Chopped potatoes, ginger and chilli
Rock salt and sugar
Roasted peanuts, grated cocount and lemon juice
Cumin and curry leaves


After soaking sabudana pearls for hours, drain and keep them aside. Grind roasted peanuts and mix it with sabudana adding sugar and salt. Heat ghee and add cumin and let them crackle. After then, put green chillies, curry leaves and grated ginger and cook it for a minute. Put chopped potatoes, fry them well and then finally add sabudana. Mix well all the ingredients and cook till tapioca pearls become translucent. Then add grated coconut and squeeze half a lemon. Garnish hot sabudana khichdi with coriander leaves

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