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Kazakhstan Horror: Doctors pulled out living larvae of blow fly from a boy's ear. Watch video

A similar case has happened a couple of months ago where a woman had living spider insider her ear.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Updated on: July 13, 2017 12:29 IST
maggots in ear viral video
Doctors pulls out live maggots from boy's ear in viral video

Creepy crawlies living inside our body isn't something new. There have been a number of bizarre incidents of living being found inside the body of human beings. A recent case has shocked the entire world where an Indian woman had a living spider inside her ear. In another such hair-raising incident, doctors have removed a dozen of living maggots from a boy’s ear in Kazakhstan. The young boy complained about excruciating ear pain and went to his local doctor for the same. What doctor saw inside his ears churned everyone’s stomach. They saw a dozen of live maggots inside the boy’s ear. 

They carefully pulled the maggots one-by-one using the tweezer and disposed them in a surgical dish. A video was also made while the procedure was being carried out by an eyewitness and was shared online. Ever since then, it’s becoming viral on social media. The maggots are believed to be the larvae of a bluebottle or blow fly. 

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Blow flies are family of insects in the order Diptera with 1,100 known species. The maggots are used as fishing baits and are known as gentles. They are named blow flies because of the meat they laid their eggs on. 

Aida Abdybekova, deputy director of the Kazakhstan Scientific Researching Veterinarian Institute said that it’s not the first time that such case has occurred. She says, “There are cases when insects lay their eggs or larvae inside the human ear canal.”

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This is the reason why people are advised to keep their homes clean and pest free. Such kind of insects often enters the orifices of our body while we’re asleep. Make sure that you use a covered bin as the rubbish attracts flies and insects during the summer months. Last month, the world witnessed the eerie case of a spider crawling out of a woman’s ear. 


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