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Superfood Tamarind: Know 5 benefits of khatti imli

We mostly use tamarind to make our food more delicious. It is sweet and sour which further enhances the taste of food. It is also very beneficial for our health. The anti-oxidants found in it can help protect against many diseases.

Sakshi Verma Written By: Sakshi Verma New Delhi Published on: November 27, 2023 12:58 IST
Image Source : FREEPIK Tamarind health benefits

Tamarind, which makes everyone crazy with its sweet and sour taste, is as delicious to eat as it can be beneficial for your health. By the way, you must have eaten it many times before in chutney, sambhar, and even in gol-gappa water. Tamarind is also very beneficial for your health. Let us know what benefits eating tamarind can provide to your health.

Cancer prevention: Anti-oxidants are found in tamarind, which are effective in preventing cancer. Anti-oxidants reduce the damage caused by free radicals. Due to reduced oxidative damage, it protects your cells from damage caused due to this. To prevent cancer, it is necessary to prevent damage to cells.

Better immunity: Anti-oxidants are necessary to strengthen the immune system. Anti-oxidants are found in abundance in tamarind, due to which it is beneficial in increasing immunity and fighting diseases. It is also very beneficial in reducing inflammation, which is very important for strengthening immunity.

Beneficial for the heart: Flavinoids are found in tamarind, which are beneficial for good heart health. Flavinoids help in reducing bad cholesterol. Due to a reduction in bad cholesterol, the risk of arteries getting blocked is reduced. This also reduces the risk of heart attack.

Improves digestion: Tamarind is very beneficial in improving digestion. Some acids are found in tamarind, which are very beneficial for digestion. Tamarind is also effective in preventing diarrhea and stomach pain. Besides, it is also helpful in reducing weight. Tamarind does not contain fats and contains fiber, which is essential for weight loss.

Good source of amino acids: Amino acids are very important for the tissues of our body. Due to their deficiency, our tissues become weak. Many essential amino acids are found in tamarind. Therefore, eating tamarind can prove beneficial for the tissues of your body.


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