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Cosy Heights: 6 rooftop dining destinations for a warm winter experience in Delhi-NCR

The concept of rooftop dining has evolved over the years, from simple open-air terraces to luxurious rooftop gardens and restaurants. It has also become a popular choice for special occasions such as weddings, date nights, and corporate events.

Kristina Das Edited By: Kristina Das @ New Delhi Published on: November 30, 2023 15:37 IST
rooftop dining
Image Source : FILE IMAGE 6 rooftop dining destinations in Delhi-NCR.

Rooftop dining has become a popular trend in many cities and urban areas, offering a unique dining experience with stunning views. This type of dining allows people to escape the hustle and bustle of the city streets and enjoy their meals in a more relaxed and scenic setting. Here in this article, we have listed a few beautiful dining destinations for a warm winter experience in Delhi-NCR. 

The Rooftop Heaven Pub & cafe

India Tv - The Rooftop Heaven Pub & cafe

Image Source : FILE IMAGEThe Rooftop Heaven Pub & cafe

With a wide range of culinary treats to suit a wide range of palates, the Rooftop Heaven Pub & Cafe offers a comprehensive menu. Experience a vacation at a high altitude, surrounded by a charming setting with comfortable seats, lovely views, and a relaxed vibe. Sup treat yourself to a selection of drinks that will enhance your rooftop experience overall, from unique cocktails to ageless classics. The Rooftop Heaven Pub & Cafe's friendly team is committed to making sure you have a great meal and will provide attentive service to make your stay in this elevated sanctuary even more enjoyable.

Bella Rossa

India Tv - Bella Rossa

Image Source : FILE IMAGEBella Rossa

Bella Rossa has an Italian-inspired menu that includes hearty pasta dishes, wood-fired pizzas, and decadent desserts. With a genuine touch and a dash of inventiveness, each dish is expertly prepared. The rooftop location, with its cosy seats and gentle lighting, radiates cosiness. Customers are welcome to enjoy the crisp winter air under the heated canopies, which offer a cosy haven. Bella Rossa's range of full-bodied red wines goes well with the hearty Italian cuisine, making for a well-balanced winter menu. Bella Rossa's staff, renowned for their attentive attitude, guides patrons through the menu in a lovely and customized dining experience.

Mystery of Food

India Tv - Mystery of Food

Image Source : FILE IMAGEMystery of Food

With delicacies from all around the world, Mystery of Food boasts a varied worldwide cuisine. A gastronomic adventure is promised with each dish, which ranges from Asian-influenced appetizers to main dishes inspired by Europe. It's a striking rooftop setup with soft lighting and a mix of alluring scents that provide the perfect atmosphere for a magical winter meal. To go along with this, talented mixologists craft unique drinks, which lend even more mystery to the entire dining experience. The well-informed personnel is exceptional at providing insightful commentary on the menu, guaranteeing that patrons experience a delectable and unforgettable voyage via their food selections.

Bottles & Barrels

India Tv - Bottles & Barrels

Image Source : FILE IMAGEBottles & Barrels

A variety of barrel-aged spirits and craft beers are served alongside a menu that features both elegant and comforting entrees and appetizers at Bottles & Barrels. A warm and inviting atmosphere is created for people who enjoy winter settings by the rooftop layout, which combines refined and rustic characteristics. This is enhanced by the presence of fire pits. Staff members are committed to helping patrons find the perfect complements for every meal, and the extensive beverage menu includes barrel-aged spirits and artisan brews. Bottles & Barrels is well-known for its friendly service and commitment to providing guests with a pleasant and pleasurable eating experience.

Final Destination

India Tv - Final Destination

Image Source : FILE IMAGEFinal Destination

Final Destination offers a classy menu that skillfully combines traditional and modern cuisine, highlighting local produce and expertly prepared meals. With its expansive panoramic views, well-chosen décor, and options for covered and open-air sitting, the rooftop exudes refinement and creates an exquisite setting ideal for winter dining. The well-chosen drink menu enhances the food and adds to the overall sophistication of the dining experience. Final Destination's loyal employees are dedicated to giving guests exceptional service, which elevates and improves their whole dining experience.

Barish Moon Bar & Lounge

India Tv - Barish Moon Bar & Lounge

Image Source : FILE IMAGEBarish Moon Bar & Lounge

Barish creates a diverse cuisine that caters to a spectrum of palates by fusing zesty Mediterranean, Asian, and Indian flavours. Raindrop lighting, soft chairs, and themed décor transform the rooftop into a cosy haven that exudes a unique and welcoming vibe. Creative concoctions with a winter theme add a unique dimension to the drink options, enhancing the whole winter eating experience. Known for their attentiveness and great welcome, the Barish team creates a welcoming environment that adds to the visitors' unforgettable rooftop dining experience. 

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