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Bottle Gourd Kheer: Step-by-step instructions for a digestion-enhancing sweet calabash recipe

If you feel like eating something sweet, then you can make a bottle gourd kheer and believe me, its taste is not at all bland like the vegetable. So let's know the recipe for bottle gourd kheer.

Written By: Kristina Das @ New Delhi Published on: May 20, 2024 17:54 IST
Bottle Gourd Kheer Recipe
Image Source : SOCIAL Know how to prepare bottle gourd kheer.

Whether the family members eat it or not, bottle gourd, also known as calabash is prepared in almost all the houses. Many people frown while eating this vegetable. But do you know that kheer can be also made with bottle gourd and it is so tasty that even Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt loves to eat this kheer. Apart from being tasty, it is also beneficial for health because we will not use sugar in this kheer. It does not take much time to make it. If you have never tried the recipe of bottle gourd kheer, then make it using the method given by us. Let's know the recipe for bottle gourd kheer.

Ingredients to make Lauki Kheer

  • Grated bottle gourd – 1 cup
  • Milk – 2 cups 
  • Cardamom powder – half teaspoon
  • Chopped dry fruits
  • 2 teaspoons desi ghee 
  • Dates half cup 

Method of making bottle gourd kheer

Step 1: To make bottle gourd kheer, first wash the bottle gourd with clean water, remove its peel and then grate it and keep it in a bowl.

Step 2: Now turn on the gas and add 2 spoons of desi ghee in a pan, add grated bottle gourd in it and keep it covered to cook properly. 

Step 3: While the gourd is cooking, heat the milk. Put the milk in a deep vessel and heat it on medium flame. When the milk starts boiling, turn off the gas. 

Step 4: Now check the gourd. If the bottle gourd has lost all its water and has become soft, then add heated milk to it (take out 1 cup of milk). Now let the gourd and milk cook on low flame. Keep stirring the kheer in between. 

Step 5: After this, add one cup of dates to the 1 cup of milk that we had extracted put them in a grinder jar and grind them. Now mix this paste and cardamom powder well in the kheer. 

Step 6: Now this kheer has to be cooked until it mixes well with milk and becomes thick. Finally, cut dry fruits and garnish. 

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