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Tired of facial hairs? Here are the methods to eliminate it

There are many ways to get rid of facial hair and achieve smooth, beautiful skin. From waxing and threading to laser hair removal and prescription medications, there's a method out there for everyone.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: March 26, 2023 12:30 IST
Tired of facial hairs
Image Source : FREEPIK Tired of facial hairs? Here are the methods to eliminate it

Facial hair can be a major source of discomfort and self-consciousness for many women. Although it's a natural part of the human body, excessive facial hair growth or dark, noticeable hairs can affect your confidence and impact your quality of life. There are many ways to get rid of facial hair and achieve the smooth, radiant skin you desire.


When it comes to removing facial hair, tweezing is considered the most precise method. This technique is ideal for shaping eyebrows and removing individual or stray hairs, providing a smooth finish to the skin. Additionally, tweezing carries minimal risk of skin irritation and is cost-effective compared to other methods like shaving. Moreover, since it removes hair from the root, the results last longer than shaving. Unlike shaving, tweezing doesn't leave behind blunt hair ends, resulting in hair regrowth with a more natural tapered edge.

Shaving is a quick and easy method of facial hair removal, but it has some downsides. It can cause razor burn, ingrown hairs, and stubble growth, which can be difficult to conceal. However, if done correctly, shaving can be a good option for removing hair from larger areas like the cheeks or chin.

Threading is another popular technique for facial hair removal. It involves using a twisted cotton thread to pull hairs out from the root. This method is gentle on the skin and can be more precise than waxing, making it a good choice for shaping eyebrows or removing hair from sensitive areas.

Depilatory creams
Facial hair can be removed painlessly by using depilatory creams. These creams contain chemicals that dissolve hair at the surface of the skin, allowing it to be wiped away. While this method is painless, it can cause skin irritation, and the results may not last as long as other methods.

Laser hair removal
Laser hair removal is a long-term solution for facial hair removal. It involves using a laser to destroy hair follicles, preventing hair from growing back. While this method can be costly, the results are long-lasting, and it can be a good option for those with darker or coarser hair.

Electrolysis is another long-term solution for facial hair removal. It involves inserting a tiny needle into each hair follicle and applying an electric current to destroy the hair root. This method can be time-consuming and may require multiple sessions, but it can be effective for all skin types and hair colors.

Prescription medications
Certain prescription medications can help reduce facial hair growth in women. These medications work by blocking the production of androgens, the hormones responsible for hair growth. While they can be effective, they may also have side effects, and they should only be used under the supervision of a healthcare provider.

By exploring your options and finding the right solution for your needs, you can boost your confidence, feel more comfortable in your own skin, and enjoy the benefits of a smooth, hair-free face.

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